$64,000 question

I would like to know why the Mount Carmel street crew is patining the traffic dividing islands on Market Street. It is Route 61; it is a state-maintained road. I am a taxpayer! I want answers! Frog's take: Whoa; easy, son. Call a councilman. By the way, you pay state taxes, too, so it's not like it would be free if PennDOT did it.

On the streets

I am calling from Trevorton. How can these kids be on the street with ATVs, dirt bikes and no licenses? We have an automobile and we have to have a license and insurance. How do they get away with it?

Odd kids out

This is a good idea to save money and school costs: Cancel all grades with odd numbers and keep even numbered grades. The students would go to school every second year. Parents would teach their kids at home on the odd years. Frog's take: That sounds completely feasible (sarcasm).

No Mr. Rogers

I wish the people in the 200 block of South Franklin Street would be neighborly and get along. If the police and city could charge a fee for every stupid call they make down there, the city would be out of financial distress. Also, if they would all get jobs, they would be too tired to be in everyone else's business.

Lost and forgotten

I am calling about these people who are condemning alcoholics and drug addicts. These people need the proper care, not to be thrown in prison and forgotten about. They need rehabilitation; they need to learn and understand. Once you are addicted to something, you are addicted to something.

Can of impeachment

Regarding Obama, I am not sure how one person can be a dictator, a king, single-handedly ruin the nation and destroy the Constitution - while being weak and ineffective. I guess we should impeach him, because there is nothing else that needs the attention of Congress.

De-evolution is here

Lately, there's been a lot of Sound Offs from the right-wing wackos and Obama-haters. Plenty, too, from the anti-environment climate change deniers. And also Israel's lap dogs, the crazy Christians, are well represented. Paranoia, illogic and narrow-mindedness abound. These calls prove one thing for certain: De-evolution is real, and it's happening.

Why no savings?

Kulpmont had free use of the building for decades and allowed it to fall into such disrepair. They saved loads of money by not paying rent or doing necessary maintenance, so where did all those savings go? Now borough council wants to borrow a million dollars or more and make $4,000 a month loan payments for the next 40 years. Where's all that money going to come from?

Inside job

Why over the last number of years didn't the Kulpmont code enforcement officer cite the borough for violations or condemn the municipal building and not allow anybody inside when he knew better than anybody it's in such bad shape? A private citizen who owned a similar building would never get a string of breaks like that.