How stupid

Stupid Congress voted for the sequester. Then when they can't get back to Washington on the airplane flights, they are changing the sequester. How stupid can they be?

Makes me wonder

I was visiting in Shamokin recently and witnessed something that makes me wonder about the Shamokin Police Department. A man riding a bicycle was involved in an accident, and he had a dog with him. I did not witness the accident, but it's what happened after that concerned me. The ambulance came and treated the man who had a head injury with notable blood on the street. There was not a policeman anywhere. Onlookers were questioning this and actually called to see if they were coming as the injured man's dog and bicycle were still there. After about 30 minutes, three police cars arrived, but not one asked witnesses what happened. They spoke to the ambulance crew and left. So who was to take care of the accident scene - the blood, the bike and the dog?

Great concert

I would like to thank Joe Cesari for a wonderful concert last week at Mount Carmel Area High School. They were all great.

The best option

This is for "Nerves of steel." If you actually read some of the articles in the paper, you would find that both Shamokin and Bloomsburg went to Geisinger and said, "Help us. What is the best option? Is it to work with us? Is it to acquire us?" Would you rather that Shamokin and Bloomsburg have gone the same way as Ashland Hospital, closed and shut down piece by piece and cleaned out? Where is your health care then?

Down under

I was watching "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart today. They said that if Americans truly want gun control, they should move to Australia.

Hot suggestion

If you want to get rid of all the food stamps and all the government waste, just have a food stamp hotline.

Nice for tattoos

I see since the weather is nice, people are outside showing their tattoos.