Get involved

I would like to know why Coal Township officials aren't getting involved in the suit against the county over the constables. Why should the township's taxpayers have to bear this burden when it is the county's responsibility? Coal Township should get involved, and the quicker the better.

Final vinyl

Frog, your knowing the trivia on "Born to be Wild" was quite impressive. I was sure the 1968 song was before your time. Now, if you can tell me the real full name of Steppenwolf's lead singer John Kay I will crown you king of the lily pad. Frog's take: It was before my time, but Mama Frog raised me on her classic vinyl records with a heavy dose of The Beatles. I wouldn't know that one without consulting the Internet, though.

Classic TV

Attention all "Antenna TV" watchers: I encourage you to call WNEP about their programming. Now they are taking off classic shows from 9 to 11 p.m. every Monday Through Friday. I encourage those who like "Antenna TV" and their programming to please call WNEP.

Fighting fires

So many fires, thank God for all the volunteer firefighters who go out to fight them. I can't wait to see what the state is going to do when they all quit due to the harsh rules and regulations being imposed on them. The fire companies are going bankrupt.

Twisted firestarter

Why are so many fires happening lately? Some answers: Night-time temperatures in the teens and single digits near zero; old furnaces on high; too many heaters plugged in; wood and coal burners on too high. Remember, an open flame needs oxygen to burn, and your house buttoned up tight means you have a possible oxygen deficient atmosphere. Talk to your fire department and use common sense. Frog's take: Having an arsonist running around doesn't help, either.

God bless

I just wanted to say thank you and God bless to all our local fire companies and their personnel. You guys are doing an outstanding job. As for that moron who ran over the hose and caused injury: I hope they find your butt. Have a little respect, because you never know when it will be your house they are fighting to save.

Attack and release

I am a conservative and agree often with Greg Maresca. Why is it when liberals disagree they attack the messenger? Try some creative reasoning. And liberals wonder why our political discourse is a fiasco?

Struck down

Wow, next day after a fire in Kulpmont and the dozers are tearing it down. My hat is off to the borough officials. Fire in Shamokin and it's still there years later.

Don't call me Shirley

To the caller who asks why gripe about $420: Ask most of the households who don't have political jobs or aren't on the dole of the taxpayer with all their benefits what they could do with an extra $420 to help them survive another month of bills in the winter time. Call me a griper.


That fire in Kulpmont, the code officer should have condemned that property so nobody lived in that property before it started. Now there are other people who don't have a house.

Dying breed

The elephants are dying; they will soon be extinct.

Mr. plow

I would just like to thank the young gentleman who works for the Coal Township Street Department that comes and plows the Ferndale area. He does a fantastic job, and we all really appreciate it up here.