I am calling about Dr. Kraynak. The guy made a mistake and he was held accountable for his actions. People just need to mind their own business. The guy does good as a doctor for his patients and also does good as a school board member. You still got my vote, doc.

Loose lips

Here we are. Congress is debating what they should do and where they should bomb. All this veteran can say is thank God they didn't let the information out about the Normandy invasion.

When a tree falls

It is so nice to see the Line Mountain School District officials are making sure the Dalmatia building is still taken care of whether it is being utilized or not. The grass has not been mowed in over four weeks, weeds along the building are almost knee-high, a big tree falls down out front and nobody seems to care. These same people are the ones who teach our kids to be responsible and take care of things. They are sure setting a good example.

Good doctor

Why hound Dr. Kraynak? He is not the only one who drinks around here. How about all the good things that he has done?

Common humanity

During President Obama's speech in Sweden, he said we should confront actions that violate common humanity, yet this president supports same-sex marriage and abortion. Very ironic.

Abominable editor

I think we have to wonder when we see all these stories on the front page of The News-Item about gays and lesbians and same-sex marriage who is running this newspaper and does he or she have any idea of what the word abomination means in the Bible and how powerful a word it is? I think he better read Leviticus.

Bright idea

Well, Frog, another bright idea by our school directors with that metal detector out there at the school. A waste of time and money. I can understand protection, but not stupidity.

Free for all

I retired and planted my whole yard with vegetables. I found out something. You can't even give them away. People refuse. What is the matter with people? They are free and they don't want them. So next year. the whole yard is going to be planted in grass. I was very disappointed. I guess that is the way people are.

Got to go

When four Americans were killed in Benghazi, including our ambassador and three Navy Seals, Obama didn't do a thing about it. Not a single American has been killed in Syria, and yet he is ready to start a war and put our nation and our allies at risk. This guy has to go.

Sunbury Street

Where is the Shamokin code officer? We have the same thing down here on Sunbury Street. As I understand it, there is a law that says porches should only have chairs to sit on. Maybe he doesn't know that I have called and have been to his office.

End of days

I just wanted to thank The News-Item for highlighting why lower Northumberland County (you people no longer deserve to call yourselves the coal region) will be a barren wasteland in my lifetime. Intolerance on a level that would make the Spanish Inquistors blush. Agents of Satan, really? Have any of you looked at a Census recently? You can attribute the decreasing population to lack of jobs, but why are there no jobs? Well, no company wants to employ people who viciously bash another's life choice. So please continue to judge others while collecting welfare, paying homage to lies on Sundays and living next to decrepit houses. (Gross generalization, I know)


The article featuring the lesbian couple on the front page of the Labor Day News-Item was totally inappropriate. Such relationships should be private, not touted as "normal" by a small-town newspaper that is supposed to be family and community oriented.

Our concerns

Our decisions about Syrian intervention should not be based on other nations' perception of our strength. Bear in mind they have all provided health care for their citizens, developed high-speed transit and improved their infrastructures while we are an indebted, war-weary nation. We should proceeed with caution based on our own concerns, not theirs.

Judge not

I get a kick out of these people who are so-called Christians. I was raised a Catholic, and I was taught you should not judge anyone else. Here they are, Christians, and they certainly do seem to judge the homosexual crowd.

Race track

I see the speed at the race track on Walnut Street in Coal Township has gone up since school has opened.

UFO pilots?

When Satan was kicked out of heaven, he took one-third of the fallen angels with him. Who do you think pilots all those UFOs - a bunch of Chewbaccas. It shouldn't be hard to understand.