No surprises

Let yea who are without sin cast the first stone? Yes, that is true, but you also follow that up with go and sin no more. Hey Frog, if you feel that anybody with differing opinions regarding this matter than you are bigots, I would call that bigotry in its purest form. Frog's take: Well caller, you certainly have an opinion on everything under the sun.

Simple as that

If you don't think the county pays enough, go get another job.

Must see TV

The recent criminal activities in the area - child molestation, robbery, assault, bilking of individuals, drug dealers, local addicts, etc. - surely establish a basis for filming a new program: "CSI-Shamokin"! Frog's take: There is no shortage of rocket scientists in the area, that is for sure.

War of the worlds

In the past 100 years, we have had 11 wars or invasions. Most people could not name them, let alone justify them. Does anyone remember the invasion of Grenada?

Get with it

This is to the councilmen in Kulpmont: When are they going to tear the house down in the 1100 block of Poplar Street?

Clean living

Shamokin council owes more to the citizens who come to them with their blight complaints. If the ordinances are not effective enough, rewrite them and enforce them. If the fines aren't high enough, raise them. If they don't pay them, prosecute them. Unless people can live in safe, clean neighborhoods, they move away and there goes the tax base. There are solutions, but they require action.

Line Mtn. raises

I sure wish the county commissioners had jurisdiction over the Line Mountain School District, because maybe they could help cut some wages instead of what the current school board is doing. One person in particular was given a $9,000 raise, which is absurd.

Hero of the day

Imagine, Vladimir Putin as the unlikely hero.

The beautiful

Last Friday evening at the Silver Bowl in Mount Carmel, I heard one of the most beautiful renditions of the our national anthem in my life. Congratulations, Miss Matzura. It was fabulous and very moving.

Trading places

How many Sound Off readers out there who are working at a tough job would trade places with the county elected officials? Wouldn't it be nice to have a part-time job that pays $31,000 year, working in a nice, clean, air-conditioned office.

Breaking broke

So let me get this straight: A homeowner was too cheap and couldn't afford to pay $200 a year for insurance for his house. He had a fire. Now he is trying to tell us, the taxpayers, to trust him that he will pay it off if we clean up his property? If he couldn't pay $200 a year, what is he going to do? Give me a nickel every January? It is time for the borough to just exercise a lien and time to take him to court and get our money back.