Never change

Once again, it is who you know in Northumberland County. Things never change.

Nine tails

Nine coaches on the Mount Carmel Area football staff and they can't figure out what is wrong. The fans know.

Get real

I called Rabbittransit and one of the messages on the recording was about York County. We are not in York County.

No sense

To relocate a vicious dog to another neighborhood makes about as much sense as taking a criminal from point A to point B. Common sense does not seem to be a requirement to procure a position as dog warden.

Republican policy

To the caller who said Romney will raise taxes: Are you on drugs? Mitt Romney will cut taxes. That has always been a Republican policy. Obama will tax your wallets, bank accounts, pensions and everything else because he loves to tax big time.

Blast from the past

I see that Gov. Corbett is appointing another person to run the Liquor Control Board. Pennsylvania has some of the stupidest, most antiquated liquor control laws in the U.S.A. If it were put on the ballot for election time, it would be defeated soundly. It is nothing more than more government in our lives.

Staying home

I just had an e-mail about the wine festival in Kulpmont on Oct. 20, sponsored by the K of C at Holy Angels picnic grounds. I will not go because of the checkpoints in the area. You can't go out anymore because of them. Frog's take: Can't you get a designated driver?

Fair game

I find it amusing that people are upset that Mr. Kaleta is under public scrutiny on Sound Off, like he is above reproach. Mr. Kaleta threw his own hat into this ring and questions regarding his disability are fair game.

Concerned citizen

I am very concerned about the establishment of the AOAA authority because its very nature means a level removed from public scrutiny. To date, the AOAA has been represented by mainly ATV enthusiasts. If an authority is to be established, it should be representative of the area and the issues that will be impacted by the park with individuals that will stand up and defend these interests. We need more than five individuals to accomplish this, and individuals that will not be intimidated or controlled by the county chairman.

End of the world

Those of you who are criticizing Romney, just remember one thing: If Obama gets reelected, our country is over as we know it. We will be like Spain and Greece in four years.

Gagged by green

Do you want to know why your water pressure is low after they put in a new sewer line? It is because the federal government decided to do this to save on water. They don't give a damn about people who pay their salary and taxes. All they care about is this environmental stuff.

Give peace a chance

According to Walter Brasch, Republicans are bad people. The article he had in the paper on Oct. 2 was a shame to read. He should try to get Republicans and Democrats to get along with each other.

County sideshow

I attended my first public meeting of the Northumberland County commissioners on Tuesday and was appalled by what I witnessed. Two-thirds of the commissioners were unprofessional, rude, unbusinesslike and downright disrespectful to each other and the members of the audience. Has this county never heard of parliamentary procedure and Roberts Rules of Order, not to mention decent behavior in a public setting?

Squirreled away

About the booby trap at the AOAA park: It appears to be a squirrel feeding device. You know, the kind that you put corn cobs on to feed the squirrels. It doesn't look like a terroristic threat to me.


Wednesday Oct. 3, 2012, front page. Vinny, boy, does he have anger issues.

Weaseling out

I am calling in about that Tafner woman. She is still trying to get out of paying this fine by claiming bankruptcy. I think what the courts ought to do is reverse their decision and hit her retirement fund from the school district.

Every say

How can Commissioner Clausi tell the people at the public meeting they have no say in how the county spends its money? They are the taxpayers. It is their money. They have every say in the world.