Dirt track date

How do we get the coal dirt cleaned up from Route 54 that is drug out and dumped by the trucks every morning? They pull out from where the pit was in Mount Carmel Township, go across the highway and go up toward the co-gen plant. Our cars are a mess, the road has rocks and coal dirt all over it. Who is responsible for cleaning it up?

High on hog

In response to that welfare person who said they should not have to get drug tested to get their benefits: People who get up every day to go to work get drug tested in some places that they work. Who are you to complain when you get to sit in your house and don't have to drive in all kinds of weather to get your free money and everything else?

No thanks

I would just like to thank the person who found my purse at Wal-Mart, took my money out of it and then dumped it in the Dumpster at the liquor store. What goes around comes around.

MCA raceway

I live in Mount Carmel across from the school and the speed limits in that area are 15 and 25 mph. Drivers here think they are on a racetrack. There are going at least 50 mph. Where are the township police to stop this?

Leash law

There is a leash law in Pennsylvania. Except if you live in Wilburton and have a black dog.

Sweet leaf

Wouldn't it be nice if the Coal Township leaf pickers would have a certain day for pick-up in certain areas so we could plan for the wind and all? If you don't have it picked up at a certain time, the wind will blow it all away.

Greater good

Every day extreme political views are expressed in Sound Off. All democracies have a component of socialism. The collection of taxes to provide services for the greater good qualifies as socialism. That is how we have roads, bridges, sewer systems, rail systems, etc. This is all in a civics book. I think many people need to read one.

My cart runneth over

My comment is for "Their money:" First of all, according to your comment, you gave the impression that it is fine for welfare recipients to buy drugs. That comment alone shows your intelligence. I would like to know who you are trying to defend.

Buy American

Christmas is coming. Just remember to buy U.S.A.

Harvester of sorrow

Knowing the habits of animals very well, do serious hunters really expect there to be any deer inhabiting the same wooded areas along with four-wheelers, dune buggies, monster trucks and dirt bikes? This would be my very last choice to expect to successfully harvest a whitetail deer. Also, what do I need to do to have complete access to the AOAA like Dave Kaleta?


I would like to remind all the registered voters that you do not need to show a picture ID to vote this year. The voter ID law was delayed by the courts, but advertisements are still running on TV saying you need to show ID. This is not true for this election cycle.

No improvement

If President Obama can "fix" the economy as he claims he can, then why hasn't he? Surely he would have wanted this done by election year. Surely we would see some improvement after four years. Conclusion: We must, for the sake of each American, give someone else an opportunity to straighten out the mess.