Follow him

Mr. Moser may be hard-working, but he needs to do his collecting later than 2 a.m. and, yes, it is him. And maybe if you are questioning the 2 a.m. compacting, he should sit in front of your house doing it instead of mine.

Hope you're happy

Well, hope all you Obama lovers out there are happy. Old King Barack said it would be as easy as buying airline tickets online. Well, I cannot even get on the site to see what it is going to cost, and I just booked airfare in less than five minutes. Nice work indeed, Barry. Guess those bad Republicans had a point when they shut down the government.

Back to basics

There needs to be a change with the way the welfare system runs food stamps. If people are truly in need, and there are plenty of people out there truly in need, then it needs to go back to the basics.

Even the rats

I am calling about rats on the playground. When you close the environment, the rats only infest a new area. The children and law-abiding citizens suffer. Please open the playground.

The right thing

The callers opposed to the closing of the Shamokin Street playground are not thinking straight. Well-behaved kids have been forced to avoid the place due to what goes on there. The police chief listed the incidents which caused him to close it, and I feel he did the exactly the right thing.

Warts and all

Dear Frog: You better get vaccinated!

Unhealthy for you

Mount Carmel teachers and Shamokin playground in Sound Off and also a few Democrat calls blasting Republicans. Sound Off has gone to the dogs. You used to allow healthy debates, but you don't even put any conservative calls in anymore. Sound Off is the pits and has gone to the dogs. Frog's take: When have there ever been a single healthy debate in Sound Off?

Back it up, son

If someone threatens legal action against you, they better be able to back it up. Otherwise, you will be called on your bluff. You will only lose in the end. Only miserable, greedy people do this.

Use the force

What you people don't seem to understand about Obamacare is this is the first time in the history of our country that we, the citizens, are being forced to buy something and if we don't, we are taxed. Lenin said socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the socialist state. Fidel Castro hailed the passage of Obamacare as a miracle. If the government can make us this, who knows what they are going to make us do next?

Quick to judge

I am calling about another person complaining about garbage men wandering around in the early hours. The reason they do that is because there are no people around, no school buses or anybody walking around the street. Furthermore, they are hard-working men doing their job when other people are spooking around in the streets coming out of bars and loitering around. Don't be too quick to judge people who work.

The rundown

I see in today's paper there is another lawsuit against the county caused by Vinny Clausi. I wish The News-Item would run a piece stating just how much these lawsuits caused by Clausi or involving Clausi have cost the citizens of Northumberland County. When are people in this county going to realize what a detriment he is to us?