Working well

I am a teacher at Mount Carmel Area and I would just like to say thank you to all the parents, grandparents and guardians who helped Tuesday's evacuation run smoothly. Everyone who came to the stadium to pick up students were calm and courteous and worked well with school officials. It truly was a sign of our Mount Carmel Area community pride.

Pave it already

I have no idea who is running this construction project in Mount Carmel, but they have no idea how to run a time schedule. They told people on Market Street between Avenue and Fifth to move their cars on the 9th and 10th for paving. Today is the 11th and they haven't even started to pave yet. They have moved on to Oak Street with people moving their cars. There is nowhere for people to park and they have not started paving yet. Who is running this project and why isn't the borough on top of it? When do they plan on actually paving so we can stop playing musical chairs with our cars?

Terrific Vinny

Mr. Clausi, you continue to do the outstanding job you are doing and pay no attention to these stupid idiots, probably Republicans, who are calling up and demeaning you in such a manner. You are terrific, buddy. Keep up the good work.

Bye bye, Jerry

That old "tickle monster" is going to be getting tickled as much as he wants in prison, isn't he?

Good stuff

Hey buddy, I bought one of those cheesecakes and they were delicious. That guy should be let go.

Big heads

Oh yes, the power went to their heads. I am talking about Vinny Clausi and Barack Obama. They want to be dictators and they are.

Foreign food

If you have a pet of any kind and you are buying food at the local stores, did you ever look and see where it is made? Korea, Afghanistan, Vietnam and all kind of foreign countries. What is the matter with our country that they can't even make animal food? But, Romney sent all the business overseas so God knows what is in that food you are buying for your pet.

Every right

This in reference to the people complaining about people wearing pajama pants to pick up their kid. Did you ever think or realize that maybe these people just got off work in the morning. They have every right to wear whatever they want to pick up their children. As for you, you probably don't even have a job.


Once again, Chief Owens has proven his weight in gold and he was the only choice. Twenty-four hours after somebody panics the school, he has them in custody. Thank you, Chief Owens.

The good life

Nice story in the paper about Elizabeth Smart. It is good she is taking her mother's advice. She put all that horror behind her and is living a good life now.

Great job

I am calling about the Shamokin Area High School band winning the competition at Williamsport. I was so happy to read about them taking first place. The young students, directors and staff work many hard hours after school practicing. They are to be thanked for their dedication.