Jerk store

A big thank you to the parents who watched a dozen boys, including their own, egg my car and then run in and hide in their home, and then lied through their teeth to the police. Thank you for setting a good example for your children.


If you listen close enough, you can hear Big Bird chirping today.

Way to go, voters

Thank you, everybody, for re-electing President Obama. The people who live off the system have it made in the shade. The people who work, we are screwed. Kiss your money, health benefits and everything goodbye, because we are going to have to pay for so much. Great voting, America.

Four more

Obama wins! Obama wins! Thank God almighty, Obama wins. Four more years of peace and prosperity.


I have been reading The News-Item and it has been saying that the football team is a lot better than what their record is. I have been hearing that for four years now. Excuses. The fact of the matter is, they ain't no better than what their record is.

More tears

Well, it is going to be a higher deficit, $6 a gallon for gas, no more answers and more products being manufactured in China. Four more years is going to mean a lot more tears. Thank you, Democrats.

Get over it

This is for all you Obama haters out there. President Obama won big. This is an endorsement that his policies are working. Obama won, so get over it. Unless you are a millionaire, you will be much better off with Obama as our president than if Romney was elected. There are many out there who are too dumb to realize it or too stubborn to admit it.

On time

All you people complaining about being on the Rabbittransit bus so long: These drivers should start complaining about how long they have to wait. There are two people on my block who are never ready. Start being ready, and be glad you have a ride.

Dead and buried

Sunday's picture of the casket time capsule symbolizes Mount Carmel well. Council people with their own agendas, buildings ready to fall in the street, no jobs, meth labs, bomb scares, drugs dealers and the drug market on Oak Street, local and imported welfare bums. A generation of welfare sucking the life from the area. Rest in peace, Mount Carmel. It was good knowing you. Frog's take: Would you rather they did nothing to recognize the borough history and culture?

How long?

Congratulations on being re-elected, Barack Obama. How long before the national debt is $20 trillion?

We need water

Concerning the fire in Mount Carmel. The water company has to be held accountable, because there is no water up here and they are using tankers. They lost a block of homes already and they are going to lose lives. Something needs to be done and somebody needs to be held accountable.

All that remains

I still have my Social Security and Medicare, Planned Parenthood is safe and no war with Iran.