On our own

This is concerning the hurricane that we had recently that was a disaster to the United States. The United States always gave to every country when there was a disaster in their area, yet not one country comes to the aide of the United States when we have our disasters.

Made-up position

Could somebody tell me what a junior high wrestling cheerleading adviser is because I have no clue. This is another made-up position by the good old Shamokin Area school directors.

Clean sweep

Regarding the layoffs at Mountain View, I was wondering if they considered the infections that are prevalent in the nursing homes? If they have adequate staffing for cleaning, housekeeping and laundry to keep the place clean for the wellbeing of both the patients and staff. I hope that they factored that in and are accountable for a clean and safe environment.

No choice

One would think that funding the education of health care providers who will serve our citizens for decades would be viewed as a much more worthy investment than the billions spent on decades long wars. We do not get a choice in how our tax money is spent, but if we did mine goes to the nurse practitioners and all those who are to come.

Fantasy football

In regard to the "Tebow time" caller: If there is anything smoking in Shamokin, it is at your house, because you are delusional.

Three of a perfect pair

Our tax dollars are hard at work when it takes three people from PennDOT to run the arrow sign on Route 901.


How is this for health care with Geisinger, the monopoly which is sucking every health care facility in our area? We apply for health insurance there and they turn us down because my wife had a cortisone injection in her knee for some general arthritis. Then we get a bill from Geisinger for $800 for one cortisone injection.

Turkey time

This is to Frog to say Happy Thanksgiving and to thank you for offering a platform where everyone can offer their varied and wide opinions. Happy Thanksgiving. Frog's take: Well said. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, caller.

Let love in

There will be peace in the Middle East when the Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate Israel.

Stand firm

I agree with the person who called in and said Northumberland county's majority has morals for voting for Romney. We need to stand firm in our Christian beliefs.

Dinner time

The article written by Walter Kozlowski brought back many fond memories of my Sunday dinner with my parents, which was at noontime or thereabouts. I continued it until my children grew older and now are living outside the home. Thank you very much for the fond memories, Walter.