If a welfare person can go to the grocery store and get his whole Thanksgiving meal paid for with the access card, why do they qualify for the meals provided by organizations? I think it should be for those who don't qualify for the access card and are struggling.

Gravity well

Many Ivy League schools - Harvard, Princeton, Yale, etc. - were founded to educate students about Christianity. Some graduates state that education and science are "above fairy tales of a God and we need a "separation of church and state." They might try to disprove God's existence or even the laws of gravity, but eventually they will succumb to it.

Never forget

Great job putting these regressive taxes (gasoline, driver fees, etc.) on the middle class in order to fund the CSVT project. I agree that it is needed, but why not tax the gas and oil companies in Bradford and surrounding counties (Corbett supporters) the same as coal companies on their extractions? Those out-of-state companies have made millions in profits since the Marcellus discovery. Thank you, Republicans in the House and Senate. We are all looking forward to another 25 cents per gallon tax on gas in addition to the other increases in driver fees. This will be remembered on Election Day.

Too many cars

You act all high and mighty, Mr. and Mrs. Thoughtful, wanting your neighbors to park their extra cars around the corner. Well, what if I live around the corner? Do you think I want the extras from your street in front of my house? What a self-centered thoughtless idea you had. And you have the audacity to call your neighbors inconsiderate. Keep your trash in your neighborhood and don't send it around the corner to mine.

Force fed

Your employer is not cancelling your insurance because Obamacare is bad, it's because they'd have to charge a reasonable fee. If you can go online and get insurance, as an individual, for less than what you and your employer are paying now in a so-called group of hundreds of employees, that makes your current provider look real bad. And rather than adapting and charging a fair and reasonable fee, they are going to cut your insurance blame Obamacare hoping it turns everyone against it and then they can resume the bilking. If they want to stay in business, they will return, minus the greed. Stop listening to what you're told and think for yourself. You're being fed what they want you to hear and accepting it.

Weed out the week

The Republican Party, the party of "no," shows contempt for working people and is out of touch with civil servants, minorities, the military and women. If the stubborn GOP does not change its policies it will continue to weaken and disappear from American politics.

Ask a favor

Boo hoo, the school directors that are going out. It is OK for the people to vote for them, but when you need a favor, do they do the favor for you? What goes around comes around.


Let's prioritize. Why doesn't the Line Mountain School District, instead of worrying about some girl wrestling, concentrate on the needs of the vo-tech school for once? I never heard of a Line Mountain School District official ever do one thing positive for the vo-tech program.