All the way

Go Big Red! Beat Montoursville! All the way, MCA!

Global suicide

This is for the moral authority that said we were spared from Hurricane Sandy because we are moral and voted for Romney. Well, how do you explain all the devastation we got from the floods last year? God must have really been PO'ed at us for something. God doesn't care about such silliness. He's laughing while we commit global suicide by wrecking the environment and causing these storms.

Goodbye America?

Tom Purcell gets it. America voted for more free stuff, but the harsh reality is America is broke and very soon we won't be able to afford more free stuff. What are you going to do now, people? Maybe a little social chaos like Greece? God save the republic!

Red states

The contributor who complained that "almost half of the country" who are getting "free stuff" outvoted the other half in the last election should go back and check the demographics. The so-called "red states" receive, on average, far more money back from the federal government than they pay in taxes.

Dig, Eric, dig!

Are Shamokin officials playing us taxpayers for chumps? We're all not uninterested, too old or senile to see what they are doing. Kinder resigned in 2011 and never took a raise in three years. If it wasn't for The News-Item reporting and Eric Scicchitano's digging into things, no one would have ever known. P.S., your cartoon was fantastic.

Source of facts

I seriously doubt that the most highly educated chose Obama and the most poorly educated chose Romney. Please tell us where you got your facts.


After reading Walt Brasch's recent column in The News-Item, I can see that he is not only a card-carrying member of the radical left, but is an intolerant bigot who just can't stand religious people.

Up in arms

As a taxpayer in the City of Shamokin, I am outraged that they are giving the city clerk a 21 percent pay raise. That is outrageous! We homeowners and taxpayers of Shamokin should be up in arms about this.

Spoke up

To the Republican who said the Democrats were stupid for electing Obama: If you are so smart, why didn't you win the election? The 47 percent spoke.

Public man cave

City OKs leather furniture for a lounge? I don't think residents want to be paying for some man cave. This is getting out of hand. And then they are asking to keep the millage on the taxes?

Hit the lights

It's Wednesday, and again the street lights on Independence Street have been off for two nights. This happened during Sandy for three nights and nothing was ever in the paper and nothing was said by city council. Why do we not have street lights at night?

Time will tell

Time will tell, but I predict Obamacare will make this a nation of mostly part-time workers under 30 hours a week because most corporations can't afford Obamacare.

Two criteria

I am all for buying that furniture for the Legion building if it meets two criteria: Is it sturdy and is it made in the U.S.A.?

Sick country

Isn't it ironic that when hearings are being held on Benghazi and the murder of four Americans, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton flies to Australia for a wine tasting festival? What are her priorities? Also, the liberal news media, which ignored Bengazhi during the election campaign, are giving this story a little coverage now that it turned into a juicy sex scandal.