Now hiring

To the Sound Off about paying more than minimum wage, the fact is that our young on welfare just don't want to go to work, no matter what the pay is. Reinhart has a bulletin board along Route 901, "Now hiring." It's been there for months, and they still can't get workers. These people should get off their butts and go to work.

Can crusher

Whoever ran my garbage can over in back of the 200 block of South Walnut Street: We know who you are and we want it replaced, or we're calling the police.

Hard case to crack

Can anybody tell me how come the Hardshell bar is still a mess nine months after the fire? I look out my window every day; it's disgusting. I see rats; I see skunks coming out of there. Why isn't he being fined? They're going after everybody else.

Nice anthem

I am calling about Jessica Pahutski singing the national anthem at all the football games. She did a wonderful job. Thank you, Jess.

Liar, liar

Obama didn't know millions would lose their health insurance because that would make him a liar.

Obey the yellow

Do people in Kulpmont forget that they cannot park along the yellow line, especially at the corners of Chestnut Street where it is impossible to see? The 900 block of Chestnut seems to have the worst offenders.

New mascot

I got a name for people who take their kids out of their home school district to another school district just to play sports: Traitors.

Shoutout to CVS

I am calling to thank the staff at the CVS Pharmacy. I couldn't asked for better people. No matter how busy they are, they always have time to talk to you about your medicine.

Go fly a kite

Would a history teacher please call Sound Off and tell these idiots that Ben Franklin never made those statements.


To the Herndon family who wants their daughter to wrestler: Fine, if she could wrestle with all girls. But wrestling with boys is totally inappropriate. Where are their brains to try and pursue this?