Go for the gold

Congratulations to the Southern girls soccer team. Best of luck in Hershey. Hope you bring home the gold. The Tigers are going to invade Hershey.

No alternatives

In all advanced economies, health care is delivered to all. It is bewildering that one party devotes itself to making sure millions of citizens remain uninsured while offering no alternatives.

Wellness model

In spite of a persistent opposition, our health care system is moving from a sickness to a wellness model. Prevention of illness, healthier lifestyles, vaccinations and early diagnosis will save millions of lives and dollars. For this, we all need insurance.

Don't be Scrooge

This is about "Too early" about Christmas. God bless you; you must be a wonderful Mr. Scrooge. I just hope that when Santa comes, instead of leaving you a lump of coal, he leaves you the spirit of Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Tax freedom

I would like to see any senior citizen who owns their home be exempt from paying property taxes. I am sure this would allow them to stay in their homes. I wonder if there is any organization, political or otherwise, who would be willing to take this under consideration.

Health insurance

The only people who don't want people to have health insurance are the people who work for the county, state or federal governments. They want you to buy their insurance, but they don't want you to have any insurance.

Giving thanks

Our communities donated $13,924 in $1 donations last week for our local pantries. Boyer's will match that amount, so we will be spreading $27,848 across our local pantries to assist them in their mission of providing food to the less fortunate. What a blessing. Thank you to everyone who donated and Boyer's for doing their share.


Nobody said food stamps or assistance was used for beer, lottery or cigarettes. What was said is that if you have the cash to buy yourself beer, lottery or cigarettes, then you are not poor, should not be on assistance and should use that money to provide for your family, before asking the taxpayers to provide for them. They were your choices, not the taxpayers'.

My life

Why do adults hide behind their children whenever someone talks about them abusing the system? They are your children, not the taxpayers'. They are your choice, just as it is my choice to work all day so I can use the money I earn to go drinking and gambling. You act as if I am a horrible person for not wanting my tax dollars to raise you and your family. But you're not a terrible person for having a second or third child when you couldn't afford the first and expecting more of the money I earn to raise your ever growing family.

Bring them back

Now that football season winds down and basketball and wrestling start up, I hope the Mount Carmel Area boys and girls get back into the Knights of Columbus tournament.