No Pandora

Remember, four boxes keep us free: The soap box, the ballot box, the cartridge box and the jewelry box.


It sounds like everyone is condemning Shamokin. Why don't they take a look at everyone dumping garbage out the mountains? We were riding around the mountains with my granddaughter looking for squirrels and the whole mountain is full of garbage. Why don't people take a little pride in their city? Maybe it will look better and they won't have anything to complain about.

Open forum

There is much controversy regarding the proposed new municipal building in Kulpmont. I'm far from an expert, but shouldn't there be an open forum on this between the proponents and detractors? For example, is it cost-prohibitive to renovate the existing building? If so, what is the difference between renovations and rebuilding? Is there any more room at the Roosevelt building? Is the former Clauser auto dealership an option? Can this be placed on a referendum?

911 bids

Shoch, the typical lawyer-turned-politician, talks a lot and criticizes a lot, but when it comes to results, it is Vinny who gets things done. Thank you, Vinny, for again saving the taxpayers millions of dollars.

Pump it up

How is the AOAA can manage to begin construction on June 3 and finish that huge project by Sept. 2, but the Rock Street pool cannot get a pump installed by May 30?

Sweat box

I just picked up my child up from school and he was soaked from head to toe with sweat. Wet hair and red face, the works. Not because he just played a football game, but because the air conditioner is broke in the high school classrooms. Frog's take: See today's story.

Think positive

I am calling with something positive for a change. I have had my first visit to the little Whatnot Shoppe Cafe across from Chillers. It is delicious food. Homemade bread and pastries, wonderful atmosphere and wonderful people. So if you haven't been there, make the effort and stop in.

Century of self

Now we learn that the Obama police state had been tapping the phone lines of reporters. Obama can't take the heat of the First Amendment freedom of the press. His administration is the most corrupt and dangerous of this century and last century. How can the rest of the media sit back and take this? Oh yes, they are all liberals.


Criminals prefer unarmed victims and dictators prefer unarmed citizens.

No place for disgrace

Warm weather brings out all the freaks and their ugly tattoos. What a disgrace to the area.

Of the people

The primary election has proven that Vinny Clausi still has the support of the people. The three candidates that he endorsed all won. All three were good candidates, but it is interesting that all three of the candidates Vinny endorsed won.

Lost art of keeping secrets

Why are Line Mountain School District officials keeping a secret what they plan to do with the Dalmatia and Leck Kill elementary buildings?


This is for Mr. Clausi: Congratulations again on saving the county millions of dollars and not jumping on the bandwagon and getting the 911 program in 2010. Congratulations again and please keep up the good work.

Third world man

What are all the politicians and commissioners doing about all the blighted buildings in Shamokin? How about some quality of life enforcement? Coming into town looks like a warzone in a Third World country.


When will the civilized nations of the world unite against this Islamic jihad? The guy who killed two British soldiers said that this is what God wants. They are sick!

End is nigh

Recently a caller stated that the 2013 college graduates are into contraception and global warming and aren't worried about gay or racial issues, and they are also less religious. These are all the same people who will ultimately result in the demise of America.