Excess success

I agree with the person who said they shouldn't have smoking in the hosey bars because that is what the law is. Since it is a private club, I will not go there. It doesn't stop me from coming to a fire and it doesn't stop my membership. It just means you won't get my excess money when I decide to go out. Frog's take: You have excess money? Will you buy me a drink or two?

Two-way street

I feel they did the proper thing by taking Sterling out of basketball. Nobody should make racist comments about people. Also, why don't they take Snoop Dogg out of music? Just listen to the comments about the white people. It is a two-way street.

Change needed

Regarding the LCB crackdown: Our fire company allotment from the township is $2,100. We pay water, sewer, electric, gas, phone and TV every month. A new fire truck costs in excess of $750,000. All our firemen volunteer their time to the tune of hundreds of hours per year. Then you get fined $450 for serving a non-member on a dance or beef and brew night. Laws need to be changed.

Chip in

I was reading in The News-Item about the Line Mountain field trips. Why don't the directors chip in the rest of the money that the students need? A lot of times, kids don't want to do fundraisers. They want everything for nothing.

Chief personality

I am glad to see Mr. Tobias made it for chief. I think he is the right person for the job. Personality goes a long way. Frog's take: Congratulations, Darve!

No doctor

A friend of mine was having a medical condition and went to the doctor. Instead of seeing a doctor, she saw a physician's assistant. That is not a doctor. This physician's assistant sent her home saying she was all right and, in a matter of hours, she was dead at 55 .

Sgt. Politeness

On Tuesday night, what a nice and kind police man I met in Kulpmont. He was so understanding to me in the nasty rain. Thanks again and may God bless you.

Speak no evil

One wacko NBA owner makes racially insensitive remark and the media devours the story like a ravenous shark. Yet Louis Farrakahn, Jessie Jackson. Al Sharpton and the rappers can make remarks about white people on a daily basis and nothing is even said about it. This type of double standard fuels the fires of racism in this country.

Supply, demand

I see they caught another person with heroin. I wonder what they are doing about the people who are selling the heroin. I never see their names in the paper.


Mount Carmel Township, please take down that torn and tattered American flag at the memorial in Diamondtown. It is a disgrace.

When you were young

I am calling about the person who wrote about Christmas and Easter. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny do not take away the true meaning of the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yes, the Easter baskets and Christmas gifts are OK. Remember when you were small. You enjoyed the holiday, too. As everybody gets older, they do truly understand the meaning of our Lord and, yes, he is our Savior.

Pesky facts

Oh, those pesky facts. I know this will come as a shock to the Republican caller, but the largest deficit occurred during the Reagan and the George W. Bush administrations. A computer search is all that is needed.

Violent histories

Professional sports should stop the hypocrisy and ban anybody that has been convicted of a crime, especially a crime of violence.