Bumper crop

In reference to all of these local laws cropping up that say a federal gun law, purportedly against the Second Amendment, won't be enforced: I'm just guessing here, but I'd say it's against the law to write a law that says a federal law is against the law. It seems the only recourse would be to break the law or challenge that law in Federal Court.

Expensive habit

When making a right-to-know request, the person making the request is required to pay for the copies requested. So, copying the tapes for Mr. Shoch should not cost the county one single penny. Rather, the county should be paid the $57,600 for fulfilling the request.


This is to all the election poll workers. If you got one, two, three or even more precincts in your ward, who is going to sit on the board? You might get bumped out.

Political interest

Why would Commissioner Shoch want to spend $50,000 to copy tapes of the county meetings as far back as 1997? What a joke and a waste of money. There is no logical reason to get meeting tapes back from 15 years ago. It is just another way for Shoch to create trouble at the courthouse. This again shows that Shoch is more interested in serving his own political interest than serving the taxpayers of Northumberland County.

Bobble head

It is amazing how Mr. Clausi can always manage to get one person to be his bobble head toy.

Career change

Hey Obama, there is a new job opening in Venezuela. You'll fit right in. Adios!

Altered beast

Why is Commissioner Clausi trying to erase all the tapes down there for the meetings? Paperwork can be altered, the tapes cannot. I think he'd better reconsider. We better start worrying about what he is saying and we don't know about.

At it again

I just got a call supposedly from the Pennsylvania State Police Benevolent Association looking for a one-time tax deductible donation. They are at it again. Watch out, everybody.