In Thursday's "Bizzaro" cartoon, the priest pronounced the couple "he and she." It should have been "him and her." - An English major.

Postal pain

Locust Gap residents need to know that other parts of the township - Oak Ridge Estates and Mount Carmel Estates, where the tax base is higher, have always had to get their mail at cluster-boxes, and without ever complaining about not having front door or curbside postal service. Our house numbers were changed by the post office; large packages or certified deliveries have always had to be picked up at the Mt. Carmel P.O., and we deal with it, without a village-wide tirade.

No defense

Mr. Gilger has done a great job to date informing the Northumberland County taxpayers of costs incurred to defend these heinous alleged murderers - the Barbours. But are the good people of the county as appalled at the costs of defense as they should be? I for one find it a crime in itself for our judges to allow for the extraordinary requests by the public defender representing these bums at taxpayers' expense.

Grassy knoll

This is a public outcry to the people living near the Salvation Army church on the hill: The grassy patch in front of the church is not meant for dogs to do their business. I watched four of the surrounding neighbors taking their dogs to do their business in this area. Have some respect. I am watching you.

Hall of fame

Why doesn't Mount Carmel put the whole town in the hall of fame? This way they could save money.

No guts, no glory

I can't believe Southern Columbia Area School District. The board should just tell these teachers, "that is it," and if the government has to step in to do their jobs, then that is what ought to be done. They have to start holding their own. They are just gutless at that school. They have no sense of reality.

Fire blight

The houses that were on fire on east Second Street in Mount Carmel are still standing a year after the fire. When are these houses going to be torn down?

Heavy lifting

You know they say that love is measured by the pound. If that is the case, in the coal region, you could get a hernia.


I would just like to say that the teachers break down everything, and they say how many kids they teach. Well, they teach the children all together, so that is not a thing to take into consideration. They work less than 180 days a year.

Monthly Access

This is in response to the person who was behind the person at Walmart who had two shopping carts full of stuff. First of all, you get paid once a month, so a lot of people who are on Access load up their carts because that is for the whole month.

Costly defense

These lawyers working the murder case against the Barbours should have to pay for them themselves if they want to hire psychiatrists and private investigators.

The duelist

Besides wrestling, Penn State won national championships in volleyball and fencing last weekend. You would never know it by The News-Item, though, because fencing is not exactly a soupie contest.

Empty pockets

The Republican Congress will not extend unemployment benefits for 1.2 million people because they don't know how they will pay for it. Yet they took us into the Iraq war not knowing how they were going to pay for it and it cost trillions of dollars.

Godless endeavor

People go to church and pretend to be so holy and godly, yet when they leave the church they lie, cheat, steal, murder and talk about people. They should remember their religion and the Ten Commandments.