On Hanoi Jane

First off, the Obama-hater was wrong. He didn't give her an award. Also, agree or not with what she did (or was accused of doing) but don't rewrite history and say that we all forgot about 'Nam. Most people were against that war, and what I'm ashamed of is that after killing 58,000 Americans for nothing, we killed 4,600 more for nothing only 40 years later.

Joyful reaction

During the Mets-Phillies game on Monday night, Bobby Abreu performed a class act. He autographed a bat and went over to the stands and gave it to a young boy with Down Syndrome. The joyful reaction from this young man was priceless.

Need help

I am a former Marine Corps officer that served during the Vietnam war. I need some help, Frog. What is the difference between Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl and the draft dodger of the '60s? Frog's take: I don't know.

It's electric

The cost of electricity in Germany is triple of what America pays and it is rapidly going up. This is why Obama is waiting for after the elections to illegally do the same to us.

In the dumps

More bad news from the White House: two janitors resigned.

Salute your solution

All of our communities are looking for solutions to blight. It looks like Restoration Ministries may have found the most effective. I hope they get many offers on their beautiful home. If they are energetic enough to do it again and seek community donations, I will be writing a check. What a fabulous project.

The underdog

In a very overcrowded world, reproduction may not be as important as people being able to love one another and to be treated kindly by their fellow human beings. We have plenty of people who will reproduce. Have no fear.

Ashes in your mouth

Prisoner of war exchanges and the end of war is business as usual. Remember all of our rocket scientists after World War II were Germans. Congress resists closing GITMO, but untried prisoners are never a good thing. We can never attain until we negotiate with our former enemies. When the foes reach some common ground, they lay down the guns. Frog's take: Except that the Taliban and Al Qaeda types will never lay down their guns.

Have a winner

In answer to the nut who put in the article "better read," I have read some stupid articles in Sound Off, but you win the trophy. What a meathead.

Great coverage

I would to thank the sports department for their great coverage of the Shamokin Area High School girls softball team during the playoffs. Great job, fellas.

Come alive again

It has been several months since Mr. Bartos was around. It is time for him to come back to life. Some time soon, I can feel it happening.

Don't worry, be happy

This is for the caller who called to complain about having loud music night and day: Be happy that you only have loud music. I have pot smoking, karaoke concerts (very bad ones), physical and verbal abuse of children and pets and various other things. Yes, I have called the police, children and youth and animal control. Everyone tells me I am to shut my windows, shut my door and stay in my house.


The Obama administration are big liars. The woman from the EPA said on the TV that the temperature in 30 years will be ten percent higher. She is nuts. I know her big butt and breasts will be ten percent lower.

The great cull

Well, I am glad to see that Kulpmont is going to have lessons on how to cross Chestnut Street. It is about time. The trouble is that they can't teach common sense. Well, at least maybe they can down these dum-dum signs they have on Chestnut Street.

Rotten trade

We should have traded Obama for that traitor that abandoned his post over in Afghanistan and caused six soldiers to be killed who were looking for him. We should have traded him of Obama even up.