Blame the wars

Republicans are starting to really cheese me off. The reason there are so many people on disability is because of two wars. People are missing limbs; can't get up; concussions. How else are they supposed to survive? We sent them to war for oil and now we're complaining they're disabled.

No, you are

This is for the person who called and said all Catholics are hypocrites. Well, the old saying goes, it takes one to know one. So if I'm a hypocrite, so are you.

Long list

We have a stop sign on Clay Street that nobody stops at, and zero police check it out, ever. The street sweeper does half the job. Come winter, same goes for the plow. Don't even get me started on code enforcement, because there is a porch on Webster Street filled with trash, toys, boxes etc.

Blind eye

Since Catholicism is one of the largest and oldest religions, it's no wonder the media sheds so much light on its failings. What about all the other ministers, preachers, etc., who have done wrong? Don't try to get the splinter out of someone's eye when you have a log in your own. We are all children of God.

Top Jimmy

If Jim Carrey is so concerned that his movie is too violent in the aftermath of the Connecticut massacre that he refuses to promote it, why doesn't he donate his salary to the people of Newtown. Methinks this is a publicity stunt, Jimmy.

No locals

So the AOAA Authority schedules and holds events for non-county residents and then cancels an event for county residents because they are not "prepared." You were prepared for the Jeep Jamboree and other organizations. The authority does not care about county residents; the park is for others.

Professional welfare

After reading the food stamp comments, I realized that must have been me in line at the grocery store. Let me tell you, I have worked all my life. I lost my job; I'm a professional. My bills are that of a person who "made" a professional wage. Regardless of what you think, you can't find a job just because you want one. Either I'm overqualified, underqualified or have no experience at all. I "had" to apply for assistance.

Good eating

Despite their nickname, the cicadas aren't actually locusts and aren't pests. They don't eat plants or bite people. Sure they make a lot of noise, but they provide an extra boost of food for our wildlife and nutrients for our soil.

Family values

Whatever happened to the joys of marriage, family values and parenthood? Reading the recent birth announcements, five of six listed parents who apparently are not married. This isn't necessarily bad, but it surely creates both short- and long-term issues and problems.

Bill me

I recently had a six-month checkup at Geisinger in Den-Mar Gardens. I just received a statement from Medicare. They billed Medicare $176 for what they consider a long office visit. I was with the doctor for 10 minutes. I am personally switching to Sunbury hospital and a doctor affiliated with the same. Geisinger is getting ridiculous.