Big news

Great news: Illegal immigration is down because Obama's economy is in the tank. Save your Bush bashing, because it has been down since the Democrats took over the House and Senate in 2007.

Anything but

I completely agree with and thank Ms. Kanuchok for her comments to the Shamokin Area School Board. The "board of education" usually seems concerned with everything but actual education.

Ire works

My ire is not easily raised, but the caller who indicated that anyone who supports the duly elected president is a taker certainly raised mine. The caller has probably used more of my tax money than I have used of theirs. I chose to educate my children in parochial schools, saving the taxpayer plenty. My husband and three sons served in the military. The entire family is college-educated. Be thankful you never had to use government benefits as a result of the economic collapse caused by another president. I would accept your apology if you are gracious enough to offer it.

Excellent job

While I am not Mr. Greco's parent, I must say thank you to Chief Hollenbush as well as the Mount Carmel Police Department for outstanding cooperation in helping to find the missing teen. This is proof as to why I live in the area, because our neighbors care and we all come out to help each other. It shows why Mount Carmel is a excellent place to live. We have an excellent township police chief, excellent borough police chief and excellent citizens.

Let down

Hey, Frog, why did you delete the end of my comment where I said that Sunbury teen tried to run the cop down and, therefore, got what he deserved. You print all the scumbag comments from the people who back up the criminal. Boy, I am disappointed in you. Frog's take: Get in line.

Life is easy

Evidently the person calling about the president's trip to Africa has never been on welfare, always pays his taxes and his choice for president didn't make it. My heart goes out to you and the unfairness in your life.

One day

Hey, my vacation was just fine. But then I come back here and pick up the newspaper and read Sound Off. Then I realize I am back near this place that they call a city. I would rather be on vacation. One day I will retire and I will get out of here and go to where the water tastes like wine and there is plenty of beer. Frog's take: Beware the greener grass.