Just once

Another Obama sheep is blaming the NSA data mining on President Bush. Just once before I die, I would love to hear even one Obama sheep acknowledge that President Obama is responsible for something that has screwed up our great country.

No common sense

I am calling in reference to the 11-week-old boy who died in Shamokin. Who, with any common sense, would let an 11-week-old sleep on the floor with a 15-month-old and a 2-year-old? The family had another baby, a 6-month-old, die while sleeping with an adult. These people need to be prosecuted.

Not even a fish

It is terrible that the Rottweiller was euthanized because the owner could not control it. I do feel bad for the man who was bit, but most dogs don't run around biting people for no reason. Rottweilers get a bad reputation because they are big, but my 140-pound Rottweiler wouldn't hurt a fly because I trained him not to. Don't blame the dog; blame the owner. She shouldn't be allowed to have a fish.

Never the third

To the person who wrote about Obama being put in for the third term - sorry, he can only run twice, and he already did. So that is the end of him.

Space case

I got a ticket for double parking to unload my groceries, but you can take up three paring places with a motor home for a week and nobody seems to care.

Middle of nowhere

In regard to the statement that the AOAA will create a financial burden on the less fortunate locals and their families who will not enjoy the 6,400 acres anymore: The only way these poor, unfortunate locals can get into the middle of 6,400 ares is if they have an ATV. If they have an ATV, they aren't that unfortunate. They can afford to pay to ride.

Northern exposure

I just read in the paper about the sicko in the cemetery. Why would the family on Franklin Street right across from the playground let that man sit on their porch every day and every night? I am deathly afraid of him.

Motor home parking

I agree about these motor homes. They should be ticketed. There has been one parked on Pine Street for the last two weeks. It is sickening.

No surprises

In a discussion with friends, not one of us was surprised that phone and Internet surveillance was part of our post 9/11 lives. Our only surprise is that one employee would have such extensive access. In order for us to be safer, this is just part of the new reality.