Nothing to do

Obama and his crew have nothing to do with the stock market. Remember, he is not a capitalist, he is communist.


The main reason Kulpmont Borough Council won't use the East End's new social hall for the announced town hall meeting on Aug. 5 is obvious. The hall was recently built with an $800,000 federal loan, the mortgage is already in default and all the trustees resigned. More importantly, council doesn't want a collective group of irate taxpayers seeing the end result of a failed plan that was doomed from the very beginning because it was unaffordable. And now, the stubborn council wants to borrow an amount one and a half times greater than that for a grandiose plan that's even more expensive and unaffordable. It, too, is doomed and a shovel of dirt hasn't even been turned.

Reflections of

At Tuesday's Kulpmont council meeting, Mayor Novakoski asked why he wasn't invited to the citizen meeting concerning the new borough hall the previous night. He was told the announcement for the meeting was in the newspaper. His response, "I don't read the newspaper." Is that a reflection on The News-Item or the mayor? I think the mayor fits right in with the council. God help us.

LATS ride

The LATS bus going to Knoebels is one of the best things that has happened to this area. It really needs to be advertised more; I just stumbled upon it. The News-Item should do a story on it.

Nosey rosies

People in Mount Carmel need to mind their own business. I own three houses I cannot rent because of nosey neighbors. People call me, then when I say where the houses are, people say they aren't interested because the neighbors are too nosey in that area.

Pick it up

Why do people bother to carry cellphones when they don't answer when people call them?