Streets of rage

I have a message for Mr. Wiest and all you gun-waving cowboys: Your paranoid delusions of government takeovers, irrational fears of assault, misguided beliefs about the Second Amendment or even your fantasies of being superhero crime fighters do not justify the danger your weapons pose to the rest of us. If you can't defend yourself with a pistol or shot gun, get a mean dog.

No parking

I see Marion Heights has a snow ordinance to clear a 2-foot path within 24 hours of a snowfall. Well, that's great, but how about the ATVs and motorcycles that are on the pavements? When will something be done about this? Better address this safety issue, too.

Second families

I am a senior citizen and I go to the senior center. Many go to the centers for their activities. Many don't have family nearby and their friends at the center are like a family to them.

99 problems

This is about raising taxes in these small communities in Northumberland County. That isn't going to solve your problem at all. Your problem is that you only have so much of a tax base, so you have to lay off people where you can to break even. You can't keep all these people working in the townships and the borough and the county when you don't have that kind of money coming in.


The Republican party is finally imploding.

Tell the truth

Happy New Year, Frog. Remember, long live rock 'n' roll. Anyway, I was watching the old Molly Maguires movie from 1970. We need a new one that tells the truth.


Hillary Clinton is the most traveled secretary of state in our history. She has traveled to 112 countries. Tell me, what real good does this do the United States? Public relations? Probably giving out more money and putting us further and further in debt.

Pork and kraut

I really enjoyed Tom Purcell's editorial in Wednesday's paper. It really pinpoints what is going on in Washington. The president tries to pass a bill and the Republicans hold it up. He, in turn, can tell the country that they are holding it up and that they are not doing their jobs. This is all because he wants more pork added to the bills.

Be careful

So the richest Americans have gotten a tax increase. Way to go, Obama. Be careful what you wish for.

Christmas saved

I am just calling in to personally thank the first responders and the firemen who came to my house when my CO2 detector went off on Christmas. Thank you very much, gentlemen. You saved us.

Mind boggling

It was good to see the governor on television today, but I would like to know why, in his own press release on July 23 of last year, he said, "in the corrective process is to accept the serious penalties imposed today by the NCAA on Penn State University and the football program." Now, he says he is going to fight against it. Is he looking for votes or what? Frog's take: He said he learned later that the NCAA overstepped its bounds.

Thanks from shopper

I just want to thank Boyer's in Mount Carmel and Wal-Mart in Shamokin for getting electric chairs. I don't know what I would do without them, but I know I wouldn't be able to go shopping. So, thank you very much. It is very considerate of you.