Lily white

I'm looking at the picture of cadets from the Virginia Military Institute at the inauguration on page 9 of today's paper. Talk about a sea of white. It reminds me of the 2012 Republican National Convention. Not a person of color to be seen.

Best judgment

I realize in a rational world where everyone has common sense it would seem extreme for someone to take the comments of a 5 year old to such an extent. Unfortunately, we don't live in a rational world where everyone has common sense. We live in a world where young children kill each other. Are we dumb enough to think that every act of violence started as an act of violence? No, they started as innocent thoughts that over time played out to a horrendous act. I think the school acted with their best judgment in this uncertain world. It's just the world we live in.

In support

How low can we as a society go? No regard for the protection of the innocent and defenseless unborn. This is in support of Mr. Maresca's so-called "annual rant" for the protection of the unborn.

Get up, chow down

I always thought school breakfast was for parents who worked in the morning and didn't have time. Now it's so the parent can stay until 3 a.m. watching TV. And they complain their kids won't go to bed at night, and won't get up in the morning. If you would set a good example, turn out the lights, go to bed, I bet your kids would, too. And if you would get up and make them a delicious breakfast, I bet they'd be getting up for it. Then you'd also be up and ready to go job hunting.

Public scrutiny

Dave Kaleta has the right approach. If there are questions to be asked, or suspicions to be addressed, do it. But as we see by Lord Vincent's reaction, not every public figure enjoys public scrutiny.

Covered up

Ah, the brisk morning air, the freshly fallen snow atop the garbage piles on Sunbury Street. It doesn't get any better than this. What a beautiful city Shamokin is.

Trash talking tongue

I am not now, nor was I ever, a Hillary Clinton fan. However, this mockery being foisted upon the American people through these Benghazi hearings is absolute trash. While we have serious issues that need to be addressed with collegiality and haste, these Republican clowns are wasting our time with utter nonsense! Watching these proceedings and listening to their questions and comments make me sick to my stomach.


I am calling about "Feed your kids" and "Healthy breakfast." You assume that I am lazy, on welfare, get food stamps and get everything I can from the government. Wrong. I work every day, five days a week and sometimes six, 12 hours a day. My child gets a hot breakfast every weekend and I would like him to get a hot breakfast at school. I send in a snack and extra snacks for the children that don't have them.

Looking for work

Rep. Masser and Sen. Gordner, who is among senators with key committee roles, should get together to bring desperately needed work to Shamokin, Elysburg, Mount Carmel and surrounding areas. There are plenty of factory buildings to fill and plenty of people looking for work.

Horse feathers

I am calling about the Carol Whary horse issue in Trevorton. She must have some son to turn on his mother like that. What a man.

Let's dance

Frog, I'll say one thing. Barack and Michelle Obama will certainly look good dancing over the cliff.

Who they know

I graduated from Mount Carmel and unfortunately I know a bunch of these administrators at the school as well as the teachers. They get their positions based on who they know. Not what they know and not what they can do for the children. This needs to change.

Class dismissed

I believe the Mount Carmel elementary school principal should be dismissed. She isn't capable of mentoring children.

Coal region proud

I see that Mount Carmel made all the national news shows which reported the unbelievable incident involving a kindergarten student and a Hello Kitty bubble gun. We haven't been in the national news since someone in Shamokin shot Santa Claus in the city's Christmas parade. It makes you proud to be from the coal region.


I just read Sound Off today about Mount Carmel. I just cannot understand it. If that happened in the private sector that principal would have been out on her ear the same morning.

Tiny bubbles

I sure wouldn't give those teachers in Mount Carmel Area a gun for protection. They have no common sense. They would shoot at anything that moves, even bubbles.