Oh, Te'o, so overrated like the rest of your team. They belong maybe in the top 25. Texas A&M should be No. 1.

In agreement

I think everybody agrees with what Mr. Gurski said in the paper about the Shamokin Area football team and the school board getting involved. Director Charlie Shuey is just a big crybaby.

Thank you

I don't know who Frog is; I wish I knew your real name. I am calling to congratulate the news staff on all their accomplishments during the year in reporting the things in our area. Instead of criticisms and complaint, I would like to at least congratulate you on your coverage of so many things in the paper, especially the student coverage with all their accomplishments in and out of the classroom. Frog's take: It's Mike Staugaitis, and thank you very much. It is nice to be appreciated.

Roll Tide

Roll Tide! Well, Frog, it looks like all the naysayers were right. Notre Dame didn't even belong on the field with Alabama. It was like men playing against a peewee league. What a shame.

Holier than thou

Fellow Notre Dame fans: We won with class all year. Don't forget to lose with class. Don't lower yourself to level of mentality of rival fans in our area.

Green tears

I bet those Irish eyes aren't smiling, and haven't been since the start of that game Monday night. Roll Tide, roll.

Driving angry

This is a greeting to the little green pick-up truck on Wednesday morning on Route 54. I wasn't real happy with your driving when you ran the stop sign at Avenue and Poplar in Mount Carmel, but then you proved what a moron you are behind the wheel when you passed the school bus on the double yellow line. Fortunately for you I couldn't get your license plate, otherwise you would be hearing from the police.

Who'd a thunk?

For the people upset about Mount Carmel not taking the Christmas trees, you went and bought them so why can't you pay to get rid of them, like I did? Frog's take: Egads! Some common sense!

Exorbitant fees

Can anybody tell me why the insurance companies or the state's attorney isn't looking into these exorbitant prices that the Geisinger is charging people? My wife went for a pressure checkup and a B-12 shot and it cost over $1,100. It is kind of ridiculous.

Coach Cove

I think the Shamokin Area football team should be grateful Gurski withdrew his application to be head football coach. Yaacov Yisreal is a wonderful candidate who comes from a really good background and has really good values. I think he would be an asset to Shamokin Area football.

Challenge flag

Congratulations to Mr. Shuey for the well-written and truthful letter. We need a fair and intellectual process to select the next football coach now that the political affiliations have been tossed out. Thank you for exemplifying integrity and representing the taxpayers.

Well said

I am calling about Mr. Shuey's letter to the editor in Tuesday's paper. Well said, Mr. Shuey. I have no ties to Shamokin and I do not have children who will be coached by "Coach Cove" if and when he is hired, but I can tell you that I do know Coach Cove and he is an amazing person.

Brady bunch

I never met so many stupid people in my life like the people who live in Brady.

Tip of the hat

Frog man, I tip one of my five Penn State hats to you for your Frog's take on Notre Dame. You are a better man than me.

Speak English

Curious how the juvenile scumbag who tried to rob that man couldn't speak English when he was in police custody, but yet he had no problem ordering the victim to give up his cell phone in plain English.

Executive order

This is for the caller who accused Republicans of bypassing the Constitution. Are you kidding me? It is your big hero Obama who has bypassed Congress more than 900 times by issuing that many executive orders.

Go, Lady Tornadoes

I am calling you again about them Lady Tornadoes. They looked great against Benton, didn't they? We are 6-1; 6-1! Another District IV title. Please put that in the paper, Froggy, my man. Love ya, you son of a gun. Frog's take: Son of a GUN is better than what you usually call me.