Lacking funds

About this Dubbs property in Kulpmont: Turlis said that the borough simply wants its deed turned over so they can get funds to clean it up for the benefit of neighbors and the community. Well, why can't they get the funds for Dubbs to clean it up? Why can't they get him funded? Something is fishy here.

Coach removal

This is about the coach who threw his son on the ground and dragged him off the field. He should be removed from that position and never be allowed around children in any capacity. This is worse than bullying. This is child abuse.

Keystone stuck

So states got good politicians? How did we get stuck with Corbett? Answer me that. Frog's take: Um, he was voted into office?

Never-ending story

Let's say life really is a test. How would you pass the test? Would you not be judged on how you lived your life, what kind of person you were or by what kind of story you believed or what story was told to you as a child? Wow.

Rock the vote

There is one way to get gun control in the United States. That is to vote out the politicians who vote against any gun laws.

Never mentioned

I take notice that all of you Corbett bashers never mention the fact that his predecessor, Gov. "Spendell," left him with a $4.3 billion deficit. Gov. Corbett is doing an admirable job trying to erase that deficit and make us stable again.


Do you suppose other nations wonder why we endure such repeated episodes of slaughter and do nothing?

MCA teachers

My son has some amazing teachers at MCA. Hearing how little they make for the work they do is ridiculous. It's no wonder why they have such a high turnover rate. Shame on the school board.

Poorly paid

I feel terrible that the teachers at MCA make so little compared to surrounding districts. As a taxpayer, I want to see our district invest in teacher quality. Too many teachers have left our school for greener pastures.

Test scores

I understand the Mount Carmel teachers have been working without a contract for two years, and I do feel bad about that, but how can you complain about being the lowest paid teachers in the state, when our test scores are among the lowest in the state? I think their pay should not be based on a contract the union negotiates; it should be based on performance. In a "normal" job, if your performance is poor, you do not get a raise. Based on last year's PSSA results, 40 percent of our 11th-graders are below average in math and 20 percent are below average in reading. Evidently the teachers are not doing their jobs, so why reward them with a raise?


So Obama is willing to shut down the whole government to get his way on Oba-maCare?

Row officess

The county row officers must have a hard job - three supervisors and one worker.

Clausi costs

I just read Vinny Clausi's letter about why he is cutting salaries. I have just one question. How much has Vinny Clausi cost the county in legal fees?

Being saved

It is faith in Jesus, and not religion, that saves. Jesus is the only way. Some bibles say you must be begotten. That doesn't make sense. You must be born again. Jesus said it twice in the book of John.