Congress already has a pathetic 15 percent approval rating, yet still they are creating another self-inflicted budget crisis, the fifth crisis in a very short time. They're creating a self-imposed recession by their partisan behavior.

Not so smart

I have two adult children who work in the intelligence services. They have been notified that they will be working four days a week instead of five. What other country purposely cuts its intelligence community out of stubbornness?


Nice try, Line Mountain School District, trying to sneak past the taxpayers once again by avoiding putting on the referendum about raising taxes. Year after year you do this. If you can't learn to balance a budget, you need to resign and get off the school board.

Video solution

These guys are talking about the lack of constables and the police having to do all this travel with prisoners. One simple way to do all this is with a video-conference. That takes care of transporting and all the expenses. Frog's take: The county and police are moving more toward this where possible. It's a good idea.

Private interest

Of course Masser supports privatization - he owns a bar! Isn't that a conflict of interest? Frog's take: You make a point, but there are plenty of legislators who vote on matters pertaining to their occupations or professions.

Black ops

This is for all you people who are out walking and jogging at night with black hoodies and black pants on: When you become lubrication for the undercarriage of some vehicle, don't cry to anybody.

Socialist commie

They're asking if they'll have a working Congress in Washington this year. I wonder if they will have a working president in Washington this year. At best, Barack Hussein Obama is a socialist. At worst, he's a communist. Frog's take: You been reading Maresca?

Vietnam blame

To the person who called in "Escalation:" Get your facts straight. Eisenhower and Kennedy only sent advisers to Vietnam. President Johnson created the Gulf of Tonkin incident and lied to the American people and the world about it.

Meet the deadline

Just reading here about giving extensions to out-of-town rental owners. Nonsense. They were sent a notice six weeks ago. Get the money in or get a fine. A deadline's a deadline. Where do you think the nonsense is coming from in this town?

Bike shop

This is for the person looking for a bicycle store. There is Earl's in Lewisburg. Good luck.


This is for the guy who thinks it's OK for Geisinger to charge $26,000 for a ride from Shamokin over to Danville. This is why our insurance is so high today and no one can afford to have health care. This guy's an idiot.

No free ride

To the person who said that retired county workers are still receiving health care, they don't know what they're talking about. When you retire from the county, they do not pay; you pay for your own insurance. And we pay toward our retirement, too.

Wrong target

This call is in response to all the calls about government workers and their insurance benefits. Let's not forget that we are taxpayers as well, and if you really want to know where the money is going, maybe you should look at all the people who are unemployed and are receiving government benefits. Maybe those are the ones who you should be complaining about.