Not proper

I just read Sound Off on Wednesday and this is to "old fashioned": You condone drunk driving?


This is in response to "old fashioned": Doctor or no doctor, Dr. Kraynak is not above the law.

Full disclosure

Instead of the county arguing about the DCED and HUD, why don't they just put the names of the people that got the grants in the paper? That will solve everybody's problem and it will be clear as day.

Break the bank

Eighty-three percent of the nation's voters and workers say the federal government is spending entirely too much money. In the State of the Union speech, President Obama called for more federal spending. You voted for him, folks, now break out those checkbooks.

Fired up

Sound Off states that at Penn State, Joe Paterno had no superiors. Who fired Joe Paterno?

Glass houses

What's the big whoop about Kaleta owing taxes? It is not a big crime to owe taxes. A lot of people owe taxes. Maybe they don't have the money. Ever since Clausi became the commissioner, all I hear is rumble and discord from the commissioners' meetings.

Maximum overdrive

This is for the person in Mount Carmel Township that is looking for the phantom snow plow. I saw it. It was right behind the phantom truck that fixes the pot holes in the township.

Doctor, doctor

With the kind of attitude Dr. Krayak has, he shouldn't even be a school director. First of all, I don't think he is capable of doing a school director's job. I don't care if he is a doctor or not.

Gov't buck

Obama detailed a list of 11 separate versions of the term "invest" to indicate the government spending your tax dollars. The solution to all that spending is, of course, more taxes.

Sad day

Well, I see where Clausi changed the way public meetings are now being held. So now when someone questions the leader and he doesn't like the question that they are posing to him, he can say they are being out of line or unruly and have them removed from the meeting. What a sad, sad day in Northumberland County.

Tough choices

I see Dave Kaleta was on the front page of the paper yet again continuing his personal vendetta against Vinny Clausi. It's rather ironic that a man so concerned about how the county is being run can't even pay his own taxes. If you can afford to hunt and pay for your license, weapons, equipment, etc., then perhaps it's time to make some tough choices in your life and pay your taxes instead. Being on disability isn't an excuse. Poor money management is your problem.

Two minutes to midnight

Wouldn't it be better if we limited the commissioners to two minutes and make them part time?