Slick dude

I would like to thank the young man who helped me when I fell on the ice Monday night at the library. Your kindness and compassion are greatly appreciated. Such a fine young person.

Word of praise

Just a word of praise to our local firemen who braved the elements this past week to fight all the fires and also to those who had a part in supplying them food and drinks. Also, many thanks to our Coal Township Street Department for the great job they do in plowing. You are all appreciated. Hats off.

Times of trouble

I am calling about the fires. It is terrible. I can't believe we have some many things happening and more and more sick people than well. These poor firemen risk their lives for us. God bless them and watch over them. You don't know where you are safe anymore.


You know, I thought Vinny Clausi was wrong, but the more I read about all this stuff, the more I know he is right. This Knapick and Kaleta - Knapick wants to sue the county for not talking 30 extra seconds. These guys are just agitators.

Front-porch cowboys

Looks like some of the local cowboys and NRA members are sitting on their porches, cleaning their weapons and writing lyrics to the tune of "Dueling Banjos" from the movie "Deliverance," honoring the politicians from Gilberton for their recent actions regarding guns.

Almighty NRA

Mrs. Logic - I appreciate your opinion, but I really don't believe that banning assault rifles and high-capacity clips is the equivalent to gagging people in a movie theater. You may be able to own weapons under the Second Amendment, but not any weapon - that's the point! Pro-gunners keep saying that it is the criminals who are the problem, so why are you and your almighty NRA against universal background checks?

A shame

I totally agree with the comment made about homeless in Kulpmont. It really is a shame that, for numerous years, a home should have been condemned and nothing was done about the mess that was lying outside the home and, who knows, probably all over the inside, and that is probably why that house went up so quickly.

County lady

This lady attorney that is destroying Northumberland County is going to keep on filing lawsuits. I can see it. This Knapick should go with her.

On the rise

Gas prices are on the rise again. $3.70 in Elysburg today. Ridiculous! I don't understand why you can go to Sunbury and it is $3.55.

Push it

I see where Obama is pushing all his agenda through executive orders. Somebody help me with this. A president uses all these executive orders and Congress can't overturn him? It has to be overturned by a federal court? This is what our founding fathers fought the Revolutionary War for - to get away from this type of government.