Sticker shock

I am calling about the person who went into sticker shock when he called for heating oil and found it was $3.90 a gallon. He was talking about gouging the seniors. They are gouging everybody; it is not only the seniors that have to pay the $3.90.

Spread the word

I hope the opening of "Son of God" Friday and over the weekend will be viewed by millions of Christians all over our nation and the world to show our president and our other leaders in this nation that we are a Christian nation. We are one nation under God. One God only. The Lord God Almighty.

Screen door

Regarding the article about random drug screening in store for students: Yes, go ahead and drug test my child. Anything to keep them off drugs.

Always and forever

Mr. Belfanti really put a professional spin on his comments. Once a politician, always a politician.

Lock down

Spoken like a true politician, Mr. Belfanti. Let him try to live next to one of these undesirables and see why they are here. One of their family members is in prison.

Trash man

Whatever happened to the city picking up garbage? Sure the current collectors and their friends didn't like it. They want almost as much per bag as what we would have paid per week. No wonder people have so much garbage stacked up everywhere.

Frequent flyer

Yes, there are abandoned and dilapidated building, lack of employment, etc., in the area, but not much we can do about that. Just want to say that maybe some of us prepare our meals according to the sale items in the flyer. We also use coupons. To do all this, we want the flyer before we go shopping, not pick it up in the store.

Only a test

I just read in the paper today that Shamokin Area is thinking drug testing their students. Well, I think all schools should be drug-tested. Students, teacher and staff workers as well.

Down the tubes

Not putting the Weis circular in the local paper could lead to job loss and more empty shops and fewer stores and maybe loss of the local paper.

Location, location

Why not suggest the big empty lot across from the former Coal Hole and behind Weis Market to the Dollar General? The lot is empty, it would be perfect and it is huge.

Paper products

If you people would worry more about your sewage bill going up this summer instead of the Weis circular being in the paper you would have something to talk about. I came around with a petition and everybodyI talked to said they didn't want to get involved.

One big Gotham

I heard that there are only 4,000 people left in Mount Carmel. I think it is time not to consolidate the police force, but consolidate everything. I think we should become one big city. We could come up with a few different names and the people could vote on it. From Mount Carmel to Shamokin, just one big city.

No surprises

No big surprise here. The president and defense department are going to make big cuts in the defense department. This also means to the veterans. Yeah, we can have welfare and cell phones, but we can't take care of the veterans.


My family and I were patronizing the Knights of Columbus since that young man took it over last year. We will never go back in that club again. The K of C board members should have patronized the club. He did a tremendous and deserving job. He will be sorely missed.