Off easy

I just read in the paper about the young man from Excelsor with two DUIs and terroristic threats. I think he got off very easy and the punishment was very lenient. I know someone who has two DUIs and got a lot worse punishment than him.

One-stop shop

I read in the paper about Geisinger buying a school up in Wilkes-Barre that was closed down due to mold problems for $750,000. They are going to tear the school down, use it as a construction storage site while they put $80 million into the Wilkes-Barre hospital that they bought recently. It seems like Geisinger is getting to be like Wal-Mart, buying everybody up. Pretty soon there is going to be one place to go.

Fool's game

Well, I see that the anti-gun nuts are in a furor following the murder-suicide committed by the NFL player. The fact is the player himself was responsible for this horrible crime. He did it, he knew right from wrong and to blame a gun culture or society in general is foolish and inaccurate.

Monopoly money

This is to the woman who received a flu shot for $400. I sympathize with you and all I can say is welcome to Geisinger monopoly land.

Help out seniors

Come on, Vinny, you helped us senior citizens out before, how about helping us out again with Geisinger taking everything over and doubling everything for us. Some of our insurances, Geisinger won't even accept them.

Walking dead

Affirmative action does not work. Socialism does not work. Obama's zombies do not work.

Self-destructive zones

I love sitting back and watching the Republican Party destroy themselves. They are beholden to a bunch of right-wing nuts, the Tea Party. They can't even ratify a treaty to ensure that all countries fall in line with the American disability act passed 20 years ago. The Republican Party is not the party of Lincoln anymore. It is the party of fools.

Bus ride

This message is for Mr. Clausi. Tell Vinny instead of crawling to the budget meeting on Thursday, why doesn't he call Rabbittransit?

Speaking in tongues

Commissioner Clausi's tongue should fall out for saying how good he treats his employees. He might have a handful that he treats well.

Get out

I heard Vinny Clausi had a press conference. I just wanted to let you know that if he was going to act like a baby and start crying because of it, I think he really needs to get out of that office if it bothers him that much.

Come and see

To the person who called in about the senior center managers receiving $25,000 in salary: For your information, we senior managers have years in the county and you should come to the centers and see what we managers do both inside the centers and out. We work to make it a place for seniors to come and enjoy a good, hot meal and make it fun place to go for seniors. You can come into my center any time.