What can I do?

Regarding "Remove snow from sidewalks," as a disabled senior of limited means, what am I to do?

A great actor

What can I say about Charles Durning? Soldier. Patriot. Loved America. Fabulous actor, no matter the role he played. I miss you already, Mr. Durning. Rest in peace.

Drinking fines

So, the drinking fines are going up for younger kids. That's a joke. Those fines are enough. It's not higher fines; you have to start with more education.

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney's son turned around and said his dad had no desire to run for president. He ran three times and had no desire to run for president? Imagine what kind of man he would have been if he was in office.

Some landlords

In Mount Carmel, Joe Lapotsky and borough council are on the right track to control landlords or slumlords. It's not all, just a few. I pay my taxes and keep up my properties. Someone gets a couple empty homes, fixes them up as cheaply as possible and scams people.


The Republican Party can't do anything about the Tea Party or the NRA. They can't do anything without the rich - the millionaires or the billionaires. Is that the party that you want? A great party, huh?

Blames Tea Party

Remember if the House and Senate come up with a solution for the cliff, you can thank the Tea Party Republicans who said they will never vote for a tax increase.

Good wishes

A great column this week, Jenna. I would like to wish you and everyone at The News-Item a healthy and happy new year.

In agreement

Hey Jenna, I read your musings every week, and this week was your best work. It should be posted on the forehead of every teenager who believes they are entitled to every privilege known to man. Well done.


How filthy and lazy some people are in Coal Township and Shamokin. I walked past an area where there has to pounds of dog feces on the ground. These people should be fined.

Stung again

I feel bad for the guy who is going to be named Shamokin Area head football coach. It's like putting your hand in a bee hive. You just don't know how many times you are going to get stung.

Christmas Eve

I am calling about the gorgeous decorations at Holy Angels Church in Kulpmont on Christmas Eve. I was at the 5:30 p.m. Mass and with the snow, it was like a fairy tale. Keep up the good work.

No plan?

If Obama gets his way and gets his tax increases for the rich, they will pay for the government for eight days. I wonder what his plan is after that. I don't think he has one.