Enough already

Whatever happened to majority rules? This nonsense about eradicating Christianity is ridiculous. Christians make up 85 percent of our population, so put up the pictures of the mangers and Jesus, and dare the minority to take them down. We are giving up our entire culture to assuage heathens and loons. We must get tough and say enough is enough.

Kulpmont finances

This is the third time I am calling about the tax increase in Kulpmont. It is going to cost $35 or $40 for residents. Kulpmont's population has dropped significantly. How do we need a building worth $2 million? They can work cheaper by converting one of the abandoned houses.

Consider this

Whoever called in about the fire victims getting a free meal and getting oil certificates should remember they lost everything. At least you are alive and can get a job. That was ignorant of you to say that at this time of year.

More on daycare

This is about the person who called about people dropping their kids off at daycare when they don't have to work. What people don't understand is, parents have to pay for so many days whether their kids are there or not. Also, some parents think it's a good idea that their children be around other kids for the social skills they need before going to kindergarten. By the way, daycare is very expensive, so it's up to the parents.

Weather Channel

I'd like to know what is going on with the Weather Channel. We are no longer getting our local forecast continuously. Now we are getting it for the entire Unites States. I don't care about Reno, Nev. I am concerned about the Shamokin-Mount Carmel-Sunbury-Bloomsburg area. This is ridiculous. I don't know what's going on, but I hope it changes soon.

Death penalty

I have to laugh when a district attorney says he is seeking the death penalty. Since the death penalty became law in Pennsylvania, I wonder how many prisoners have been executed in Pennsylvania. When was the last time someone was executed in Pennsylvania? Texas wastes no time. Frog's take: I believe the last execution in Pennsylvania was in 1999.

Closed or not?

I thought the Shamokin Street playground was closed. Why were people there playing hockey? What goes for one should go for all.

Missile sites

I find the two articles in last Sunday's paper - the retirement of Air Force Gen. Kehler, who had two stays at a nuclear missile base in Montana, and the one about the stress and decline of these missile sites - interesting. Obama is cutting these missiles to comply with the arms treaty with Russia in 2018, the same year they will unveil their new, 10-times-more-powerful missile called Satan.

Time to go

I agree with the call about Gotham City. All these people need to go. It would be great if we could get Vinny in there to clean this mess up. These people are disgusting. They can't do their jobs. Get rid of them all.

Church and state

In order for the state to save more tax dollars, we should immediately stop funding for parochial busing. After all, we are built on the principle of separation of church and state.

Started before

I am not really a fan of Steve Bartos, but the city's problems started long before he got there. Chief Griffiths should know that. His criticism is somewhat unwarranted.

Holiday noise

Leave the Christmas songs alone. The majority of us grew up with those beautiful songs. If you don't want to hear them, put ear plugs in.