Flagging a ride

Last Thursday night I was walking from my home in Mount Carmel to my job at Walmart, and it was raining cats and dogs. Just as I was outside Strong across from the firehouse, a very nice woman named Kathy pulled over and offered me a ride. Originally, she said she was just going to Kulpmont, but she took me all the way to the door of the store. I thanked her very much at the time, but I would like to use your column to thank her again.

Hairy II

Long-haired girl, short-hair boy, no-hair chemo. Your first impression is always not the right one. We walk by spirit, not by sight. What spirit are you people? This is The Oracle speaking. Frog's take: Well, that clears it up.

Mohawk Street

I would like to know why the Coal Township code enforcement officer doesn't come up to the 1700 block of Mohawk Street. The house has grass that was never cut all year. There are mattresses, furniture and garbage on the front porch. My brother worked out of town for one month and got arrested , and nothing is done to these people. Does he have a friend on Mohawk Street? Frog's take: Did you call the township about this property?

Don't get it

Of course, voting is a constitutionally protected right, but only if you are a legal citizen of this country. So what is the big deal about pulling out your driver's license or some other form of identification to prove who you are and that you do live in this country? Everybody is making a big deal about it, and it is not a big deal. I just don't get it. Frog's take: That makes two of us.

Good and bad

There is a lot of bad in some good people and a lot of good in some bad people.


I have to thank The News-Item for giving us such a wonderful paper all these years. I really enjoy it. Also, I want to thank the people who put the flowers there in Tharptown. That is really beautiful. Someone is really trying to make the area presentable.

What's in a name?

I love being overly-PC'd by the paper. It says four Northwestern cadets broke out. No, four prisoners broke out. Police are searching for four cadets. No, they are escaped prisoners. Let's stop this PC and tell the truth. Prisoners are prisoners. They are not cadets; give me a break.

Tracking project

About the train tracks going through Market Street and them wanting to tear down the tattoo parlor: In the paper, they also said there is also going to be one going through Independence Street. Are they going to tear down OIP and the post office? What about the American Legion building? Those building are in the same proximity to the tracks.

New signs

The street signs in Mount Carmel are terrible. They are so rusty, you can't even read them. There are some that don't even have the street names on them. They need to put up new signs.

Rug wear

I see they are going to court over the insurance problem in Shamokin. Like everything else, it's going to be swept under the rug. All I can say is Shamokin must have a big rug.

Pocket pickers

Hey, history lesson preparer: Don't forget to put in your lesson how the Democratic Party has become the party that wants to take money out of the pockets of people who work and put it in the pockets of lazy louts who do not work.

Set to backfire

The Republican voter suppression plan may backfire. Just tell Americans they can't do something or take awat a right they have already gained, and they come back strong.