Baseball birther

Somebody better check the birth certificate from the Illinois team, because they came from the same place as Obama.

Lawless land

Did everybody see the news last night? A group of thugs in Ferguson, Mo., pulled out guns and shot their way into a store so they could loot. When you start pulling guns out and shooting, it is time to start using deadly force. Every one of those people involved should have been shot by the police. That is the only way you are going to stop it. These people are lawless murderers and deserve nothing else but to be shot.

Good day

Looking at the newspaper this morning and seeing Targonski and Wolfe's picture in the paper, they sure looked enthused. I wonder if they had a good day. Frog's take: They were at a prison board meeting. Should they have been tap dancing or doing cart wheels?

Diver down

I think instead of having a bike park, they should think about getting that swimming pool open for the kids. They have nowhere to go; their parents have to travel out of town to take them swimming. It is a shame.

Season to season

One more observation on the end zone bleachers: How did they become so unsafe from last season to this season?

Another failure

African-Americans are mad, and at least some of that blame must fall on the shoulders of President Obama, who promised blacks racial healing along with economic prosperity in the 2008 presidential campaign, and then failed miserably at delivering.

Happy town

After reading the article about the chamber visiting the prison, man, I am so mad that I don't have a job there. It sounds like such a fun place to work. Wow, now they have pets. That wasn't even one of the demands that they put in the paper. Mr. Noon stated that they are all good people who made bad choices. Boy, is that a joke. A child molester is a good person? That is what is mostly down there. Frog's take: He didn't say they were all good people. He did say that not all of them are bad people.

Phone home

I just made a phone call and they said for English, press 17.

All-time low

The morale at the prison is at an all-time low, so they needed to get rid of Johnson? Then you should get rid of Clausi. His presence caused an all-time low at the county long ago.

Puppy power

It's nice that the prisoners have puppy dogs and flowers.

Sore loser?

I just read Richard Shoch's two letters to the editor. He sounds like a sore loser all the time. What I want to know is if he has any accomplishments to speak of as commissioner to move our county forward. It definitely sounds like he will be a candidate for political office again, but what has he shown us except always being in the opposition and a sore loser?

Cop land

I just talked to one of my neighbors up the street in Kulpmont and at 11:30 at night, 10 to 15 kids are throwing rocks at her house on Poplar Street. You can't call the cops because there is no cop. They only have a cop in the daytime.


It is difficult to describe how disappointed I am in District Attorney Targonski and Sheriff Wolfe for voting with Vinny Clausi to terminate the warden, who is a competent professional and was the victim of a political firing. The voters will remember this at election time.

Bless this mess

Why is it that the same people who have the energy to go about town putting up their yard sale signs can't use that same energy to remove them? Perhaps a fine for non-removal would reenergize them. Shamokin is a mess with these stupid looking signs.


What is that blowhard Obama talking about when he says he says we have to draw a line between the police and militarization? The police have always been a quasi-military unit. This is just another attempt by him to blame the cops for the death of that black man in Ferguson, Mo.

No Irish fan

I guess we can see now why Notre Dame's graduation rate is so high.