On the hook

I would like an answer on who is responsible for the current Kulpmont municipal building. There was an argument at the taxpayers' meeting between an Mount Carmel Area Board member and Bruno Varano on who owns it. It sounds like either way, Mount Carmel Area School District taxpayers are going to foot the bill for the demolition.

Freedoms rings

I can't believe that Marine is still in custody in Mexico. What is the matter, Obama? Don't we have five Mexican terrorists that we can trade for his freedom?

What's the point?

I am calling in regard to the meth lab that was just busted down in Coal Township. What is the point of putting them in jail? They are only released and back out on the streets just like the one up in Mount Carmel. They are walking the streets. One of them is right up the street from me in Kulpmont. So what's the point?

Karma police

It is a shame when you hire someone to work on your property and when a problem arises they fall off the face of the Earth. Then you call others for help and they don't want to get involved. Well, let me tell you something, I am Jane Q. Public, a potential customer, and I have a voice. All you contractors with shoddy work who don't return phones calls, trust me, word gets around. I am going to become the town crier.


I read in the paper that Nancy Pelosi jumped on Rep. Marino on the House floor over the immigration bill that was being discussed. In my view, the bill has one flaw: It doesn't deport Nancy Pelosi. She called Rep. Marino an insignificant congressman. I take that as an insult, being that I am one of his constituents. If Nancy Pelosi had any love or patriotism for this country, she would do us all a favor by leaving it. Frog's take: If only.

Picnic angel

This is to the person who found my cousin's wallet on Saturday night at the Holy Angels picnic. All I want to say is thank you very much, and thank you for being so gracious.

No. 1 picnic

Great picnic, Holy Angels. Great priest, Father Andrew. You are doing a terrific job. I am looking forward to seeing you at the picnic again next year. God bless all of you. The fireworks were terrific.

Best served cold

You prisoners who are asking for better food: When you stole or robbed from somebody, you stole food out of their mouth. When you murdered someone, you denied their families the pleasure of their company. Now, you are complaining about the food? You are getting justice.

Please come back

The Spirit of Atlanta was fantastic at the Mount Carmel stadium this past weekend. I hope they come back next year.

Before the horse

Before building a new municipal building, Kulpmont should worry about hiring three or four more full-time police officers and have 24-7 police coverage.

Time to resign

Based on the allegations, the Kulpmont mayor "threatened to shoot and kill" a Pottsville area contractor. Yes, his resignation can be accepted by 5 p.m. tonight. There is no room for this boorish behavior as a human, no less an elected official.

Apology needed

Kulpmont Councilman Joseph Winhofer acted like a bully and was insulting to Father Ray at the public meeting. If he thinks so little of an elderly priest who's a well-spoken man and respected member of the community, it's little wonder what he thinks of everybody who doesn't agree with him. He needs to publicly apologize.

Headed down

Yes, mid 1950s through early 1960s was a great era that I would love to return to. Life seemed simple, affordable and fun. Then the Great Society programs started and, 50-plus years later, America is still spiraling downward.

How it should be

Greg Maresca's "Crisis immigration" was a very well written article. It explains what "true" immigration is all about; the correct way that immigrants came to our country and earned their citizenship according to the laws and requirements.

I'm sure these laws are still in effect as the way to be here legally.

Loud and quiet

Kulpmont Mayor Novakoski has a bad habit of running at the mouth, except at council meetings, where he sits and never says a word. He should do us all a favor and stay home, or go target shooting. He's probably better at that than politics.