Aw, kittens

You live on the 300 block of North Hickory Street. Your cat had four kittens. Aw, kittens are so cute. Do you know what we will see next? A cold, cold snowy day, the mom will have more kittens and the kittens will have kittens. No warm house, no food, no blanket to curl up in, no one to pet my head or snuggle with me. Think about it.


I would like to know how much time the commissioners, who receive a full-time salary, spend in their office and who holds them accountable for the amount of time they spend there? They are collecting more than $60,000 a year and I don't think they spend too much time in the office.

One door closes ...

If this chief of police from Gilberton gets fired, he can always go to Kulpmont. They would hire anybody; they hired Wilson.


To the article regarding a person full of tattoos and piercings: You say you all present yourselves in a way you want to be perceived. Here is how I perceive you - as totally unemployable and wishing to live on a welfare check for the rest of your lives.

Color mixing

The cat fight between Rand Paul and Chris Christie reveals what the right hates to hear: the blue states pay more taxes than the red, and the red receive more in federal dollars than the blue.

Hot dog!

The people of New York should weiner the Weiner.

Pile of thanks

I just want to say a great big thank you to the five or six people who take their dogs in the Geisinger clinic's lot to poop, and thank them again for not picking it up so other people's dogs or the person taking the dog out steps in it. Come on, people, have some couth.

Wasting fuel

I was up at Geisinger today and I saw this Rabbittransit bus sitting there for 45 minutes idling and wasting money on fuel. I think somebody ought to check into that.

No heart

Nice article about the 25 people who were hired to work at Northwestern. What about the people that got the ax at Northwestern to make room for their people? Not a word about them. No heart, huh?

That's a fact

Don't quit the Mount Carmel Junior Baseball League, Jack. We need you.

Check into it

I wish The News-Item would check into the Kulpmont Borough's compensation claims. Not all of the councilmen were there when all of these claims were made. Check into it and maybe you will find out what the problem in this town is.

Weeded out

I recently went to the Dalmatia Elementary School building to look at its condition. There are weeds around the building that are knee-high, the grass that was cut looks like a farmer's field. This is terrible that the school district officials let this occur. Nice job for ruining a beautiful school. Good luck with your nice, new building in Trevorton.

Inside rot

It is more than evident that our judicial system is coming apart and the cause is directly from the inside out. Look around you.

Hate is hate

I am calling about the Kessler case. Hate is hate. No matter whether it is against the government, against a religion or against sexuality. The man should not be a police officer.

No help needed

In response to "No class" about the Republican Congress trying to make Obama look bad, they don't have to try and make him look bad. He does a pretty damn good job of it all by himself.

Background checks

What in the world does this little hole-in-the-wall village of Gilberton need with fully automatic weapons? Do the community leaders in this area even do background checks on the people they hire for their police departments?

Together as one

I was just wondering with all the problems the local police departments are having with insurance with police chiefs and retirements, isn't it time to consolidate all these little police departments into a regional one and eliminate about six police chiefs and only have one? Just one insurance policy instead of six or seven? I think it would save taxpayers a whole lot of money.


I see the beautiful picture of the grounds of the cemetery in Elysburg. I go up to the cemetery a lot. I just buried two sisters, and the grounds up at Our Lady of Hope and St. Edward's are deplorable. I think the priests in both churches need to take a walk through.

Light it up

Now that they are doing work at the interchange at 901 and 61, I think it is about time that they put in arc lights. They changed the traffic pattern and you can't see anything. That intersection is supposed to be lit at all times. Now it is a safety hazard. Just drive it at night and you will see what I mean.