Must-see TV

Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum commented the current issue regarding gay marriage was initiated by the old TV show: "Will and Grace." He should state that gay marriage is biblically reprehensible, not rooted in a television show.

Proper procedure

Reply to previous comment "Broken Heart": Get your facts correct. Obama does not make the decision to award the Purple Heart, it is recommended by Department of Defense. At this time, they choose NOT to do anything until the defendant's trial is over and there can be no excuses these awards somehow influenced the verdict. This is the proper procedure to follow.

Live your life

Thousands of lives were lost to assure the freedom and rights of colored people. People are people and we are all equal. So why are we still denying their right to freely live their life of choosing as a human being?

Here we go

Ah, here we go again. A liberal criticizing Sen. Rubio from Florida for being a hypocrite because he is against the immigration bill while his parents left Cuba and were given amnesty years and years ago. How in Obama's name can this liberal criticize Rubio for being a hypocrite? He was too young to even vote when his parents got amnesty. Amazing how liberals can spin fact and fiction at the same time.

Purple past

To the writer who indicated that Obama refuses to award the Purple Heart to the survivors of the Fort Hood massacre: Obama prefers to not acknowledge anything and everything that reflects poorly on his administration and highlights terrorist activity. Now, if there was some way to blame it on ex-President Bush, he would have awarded them the Purple Heart and blamed Bush for the entire episode.

Cash influx

Where is all this extra money coming from at Line Mountain? Two years ago, teachers were cut and not replaced. The remaining teachers took a pay freeze to prevent more cuts and have not seen a raise since. Schools are being consolidated to save the Line Mountain School District and now there are millions of dollars available for air conditioning to give the students a better education. Wouldn't more teachers be a better way to improve education?

Up to Army

This concerns "Broken Heart" and the Purple Heart award. The Army awards this medal, the president of the United States simply presents it. The Army has to OK the award, the president does not.

Follow up

Your article on binge eating disorder was very interesting and informative. Please do a follow-up advising which doctor a person should see. Who specializes in this field?

Waste of money

I see where the City of Shamokin is trying to get another $500,000 to do work at the Kehler park on Arch Street. What a waste of money. They invested $400,000 in that section already, and for what? Nobody uses it and nobody rents it.

White nightmare

The Obamas have managed to scrape together enough cash to throw a star-studded White House concert featuring Al Green, Ben Harper, Queen Latifah, Cindy Lauper and Justin Timberlake, among many others. Guess they will be singing the "canceled White House tours and release criminal sequester blues." Frog's take: Aside from Al Green that sounds like a nightmare.