Greener grass

I live in Mount Carmel and it is a shame to see what a once beautiful town to live in has become such a pitiful place. Yesterday I had the displeasure of having to make a trip to downtown Shamokin in several years. What an eyesore. It makes Mount Carmel look like Rodeo Drive. I am lead to believe once again that my parents were right. Just when you think you have got it bad, there is always someone who has got it worse. On my way home, when I drove across the Viaduct, I smiled on Mount Carmel.

Unto the Locust

The Mount Carmel code enforcement officer should check out the houses on the east side of the first block of South Locust Street in Mount Carmel. More than half are abandoned and deteriorating. He has been contacted. What is he doing about it? Nothing.

Broke the mold

I didn't know Moto Gurskie that well, but I knew who he was. Whenever you saw him he would smile and say hello or how are you doing or something. They don't make men like that anymore. He was one of a kind. I felt bad when I read his obituary. We know where he is. He is probably looking down at us and smiling.

Space odyssey

The real truth is that "Cosmos" is the whole order of the universe and not a remade TV show. The real truth is that God is the creator of science and reason for that whole order. The real truth has just been elegantly explained if it makes Sound Off.

Best way

I guess the best way to get a raise down in Shamokin is don't pay any bills.

Summer love

Some teachers do tutor in the summertime, but they get paid above and beyond their salary for this. Some teachers do go back to school and get their master's degree, the districts do pay for this for them and when they get their master's. they get a raise. The Act 80 days are included in the 180 days of school. Get your facts straight.


No, no, no! Ed Griffiths can't leave. He is so wonderful in helping the city with all this crime. We old people love him. We need him. Please, go at least 25 years. This old lady loves him.

Think twice

I think the people better think twice about a regional police force. I see where Mr. Griffiths is retiring because of cutbacks. All the city would have to do is cut back on their police force and have other communities do their police work for them.

Stick it out

I saw in the paper that Ed Griffiths is retiring. What a shame. Now we got a mayor that people thought was so wonderful, and he was the best chief that we had around here. He sticks up for the people and his police force.


I am calling about Chief of Police Griffiths. I was sad to see the paper today saying that he is retiring. I hope he reconsiders because he is the best chief of police we had.