Mount Carmel Area School Board, do your homework. I agree with the caller about the sub. She doesn't take care of her own kids and doesn't even have a home. What is this sub going to teach our kids? It is quality for the kids, not last names.

Simple solution

Wow, $1.65 for a bottle of water at the Shamokin Area cafeteria? If that is highway robbery, I have a solution for you: Don't have the school board check into this; have the students go to the water fountain. Simple, and you can't get any cheaper than that.

At it again

Well, I see that our soft-on-terrorism president is at it again. Today he said it is not about the motive and it is not about an entire group of people, and that we can't rush to judgment in reference to the Boston bombings. I can barely stand this guy anymore.

Drag strip

The latest in Kulpmont: Cars passing each other going through town. Is this legal? We need a permanent police station on Chestnut Street. See if you can't get some grant money to do so.

Brain bucket

I am calling about this new poster child for seat belts campaign. They are all big on wearing seat belts in cars, but why did they pass a law that you can drive a motorcycle without a helmet?

You can do it

Yeah, I have been leaving 30-second messages and nobody gets back to me. This is regarding being able to put an article in Sound Off. I have a couple of properties in Shamokin. Frog's take: Congratulations, you just did it!

Scraping the bottom

When a property has trees and grass, it becomes a haven for unscrupulous dog owners. Once Mount Carmel passes the quality of life ordinance, hopefully they will include a reporting mechanism. How I look forward to a summer free of shoe cleaning and rug shampooing.

Two posts

I would like to know if the employees at the school district who are running for school director office are going to give up their jobs if they win the election. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania says they can't hold both posts. Frog's take: I believe in both cases it is a retiree or soon-to-be retiree.

Officers found it

Mount Carmel Borough Council had absolutely nothing to do with finding the ambulance funds that were missing. It was the officers of the American Hose Fire Company that found the missing funds.

Magic bus

Seat belts are an important safety issue; why, then, are they not mandatory in school buses and public bus transportation? Our children, seniors and general public should be equally protected in these conveyances as well.