PETA'S new strategic plan to harass hunters is to use the Air Angels Drone that cost $324.99. It would be wise for PETA to fly their drones out of shotgun range.

Siberian divide

Who is this "we the people?" Those left-wing, socialist liberals or those radical, right-wing Christian nut jobs? We haven't been "we the people" since WWII, but for a short time after 9/11. We are a divided nation and the chasm grows deeper each day. Most likely, it will take another great tragedy to fill the void and bring us together again. What a shame we haven't learned anything from the past.

Word is bond

I see that Mr. Getchey is now disputing The News-Item's account of what happened at a recent meeting. I don't know about anyone else, but I'll take the word of the news reporter over Mr. Getchey any day.

Keep on

A news brief on Tuesday said the IRS received a bonus when most of the employees did not fill out their income tax. They are still receiving a bonus? Keep voting for Obama and the Democrats.

Six shooter

The call about the bellies over in Ashland. You can tell it wasn't about Mount Carmel, because over here we have the problem with men having the bigger bellies than woman, unless they are carrying a 36-pack of beer. They are not pregnant, either.

Business is good

This is to the person worrying about the Shamokin cruiser driving on Walnut Street. Worry about your own business and stop worrying about everyone else's business. That is the problem with town people; they have their nose in other people's business.

Hole in the sky

I am calling about the buildings that they are razing in Mount Carmel, Mount Carmel Township as well as Shamokin. I have been in contact with the borough for the past three and a half years about a building that the chimney went through the roof, and now it fills up with water and rats. It used to be a bar.

This is a call

This call goes out to the former Shamokin mayor and city council. Why isn't anybody investigating the former mayor for the debt that this city is in? He was the man in charge. Why isn't anybody mentioning his name or looking into this?

Pagan times

The word "Easter" is nowhere in the Bible. It derives from a pagan name. Easter bunnies do not lay eggs. How is an egg hunt even Christian? Be glad Obama even had an egg hunt.

Work related

To a "Perfect crime": you obviously failed reading comprehension as a child. The police blotter said that the defendant's boss gave him that cell to use for work-related issues.

For shame

I just drove by different groups of teachers with the picket signs in Danville. They should be ashamed of themselves. When do they think enough is enough already? Oh, they haven't had a contract for two years? Get over yourselves, because at least you have a job and good benefits.