Gilded cage

At Walmart, somebody is always stealing. They should build a good, strong cage right there where they keep the carts and when they catch them, make sure they have a chair to sit on and leave them there for 24 hours so when the people come in to the store, they can look at them and see who they are. On top of the cage make a sign that says, "These people are thieves."

For your health

I am calling about the cell phone tower they want to put in Mount Carmel. All you have to do is look on YouTube and see all the videos showing how bad it is for your health, especially in downtown. Let them put them up on a mountain somewhere.

Bad attitude

The same attitude that exists towards Isis today existed prior to World War II when Hitler was amassing power. America and Europe didn't want to be bothered with him. The result of that era was World War II. If we don't stop Isis, we are going to have World War III, no doubt about it.

Meet their master

I see the Barbours pleaded guilty to second-degree murder to avoid the death penalty. That shows they are cowards. They can take a life but are not willing to give their own for their consequences. I thought they were Satanists? They just gave up their chance to meet their master.

Tower of power

Before they put a cell tower in Mount Carmel, they better find out what this will do to the citizens who live there health-wise. Between that and the noise the back-up generator will make and the smell, they better rethink this crazy idea. If it were me, being a taxpayer there, I would sue the owner of the building, Verizon and the borough for health-related issues.


I felt very sad for the caller who said that all the people from Kulpmont are crazy. That is such an uneducated, unfair opinion. It is just plain wrong. It is the people from Mount Carmel that are all crazy.

American sleep

I am in total agreement with "clueless" about Tom McCarthy in the Phillies broadcast booth and Matt Stairs makes me want to sleep. I'm not sure which is worse this year, the broadcast booth or the way the team is playing. Six of one, half dozen of the other, I guess. Although, I did really enjoy listening to Greg Murphy the other night calling the game. Maybe they should think about putting him and "Wheels" in the booth.


What gets me about the Phillies is all these breaks away from the game to Murphy up in the stands, especially when the Phillies are batting. I don't care to hear Murphy. I want to watch the ball game. As far as I am concerned, McCarthy is not a bad announcer.


If you want to see a beautiful cemetery, go up to Transfiguration Cemetery. All the cemeteries should look like that. Keep up the good work.

Pay attention

Quit talking or texting on a cell phone and you won't hit those markers in Kulpmont.

Home rule

I would like to say if the teachers go on strike, all the parents should have their kids home schooled. Then we won't need teachers and go through all this every year for our kids.

Anywhere but here

I was just calling about the Verizon tower they are thinking of putting in Mount Carmel. I guess it is a typical Mount Carmel mentality. That is a great idea, but not here.

Detour details

It is virtually impossible to traverse the west end of Coal Township anymore without running into a detour. No matter which way you go, sooner or later you run into the inevitable orange triangle where the street is blocked off. How long are we going to have to put up with this?

Great job

I think the taxpayers should know what a great job the Shamokin Street Department did when they trimmed the trees and cut the leaves from the property on Sixth Street.

Cool cucumber

To the sour pusses who are mocking the ice bucket challenge: $80 million has been raised to find a cure for a horrible disease. Get out the ice cubes and your check and join in the fun for a wonderful cause. For some young kids it is the first time they have given to a charity. What a great lesson for them.

Six of one

Hey, I'd take six little chihuahua yippers over six brain dead dopers any day. Consider yourself lucky and quit your (complaining).