Wrong hands

I don't believe alcohol should be privatized at all. I don't agree with some people saying it should be privatized because it will get in the wrong hands of the people who don't know how to handle it. Frog's take: And that never happens now.

Real investment

The governor of Florida is the seventh Republican governor to embrace Obama's expansion of Medicare, which now will cover one million Floridians and guarantee their hospital systems receive payment. This is a real investment in America, as a healthy population is a productive one.

Oil barons

Why are the gas prices so high with the oil companies making the profits that they are making? I think it is time for the government to start investigating this.

Big bully

I think the United Way is nothing but a big bully. Surely they can't equate homosexuals' rights with black slavery and women's suffrage. I think they should publish the names of corporations who won't donate to the United Way simply because the Boy Scouts of America will not allow homosexuals in their organization. They are just taking great strides to protect the young men who are in the Boy Scouts. Frog's take: They sure took some great strides to cover up abuse in the past.

The bread line

Of course, unemployment is heading downward. It is heading downward because people run out of unemployment and they are now in the welfare line.

No smoking

I am glad to see in the paper there will be no smoking in the high rise. I have been wanting to go to a high rise for a very long time and this is the biggest reason I have not. That gazebo will be filled with smokers and the non-smokers won't sit there, and that is sad. There should be no smoking, period.

Hey taxi!

I agree with the caller about the $26,000 for the ride in the helicopter from Shamokin over to Geisinger. I think that is a little outrageous. I got a ride in an ambulance from Second Street down to Shamokin Hospital. That was $750. That isn't much better. Next time I think I am going to take a cab.


In his State of the Union address, Obama denounced the practice of drifting from one manufactured crisis to the next. But it was his team that manufactured this one, offering up the automatic cuts as a guarantee.