Salute your solution

Note to Coal Township Commissioners and Shamokin City Council: Retire the street sweepers, thereby saving gasoline, and gather up the parasites who are sucking the blood from the taxpayers. Give them all a broom and advise them that their relief check will be available after they perform 160 hours of work a month. This way, they will be too tired to keep making babies and visiting tattoo parlors.

Spring cleaning

I want to thank the street department for coming down to the Tharptown area with the sweeper. It looks pretty good and we really appreciate it down here because we try to keep it nice and clean. Otherwise, we are out with wheelbarrows and push brooms and everything and trying to clean it up ourselves. A big thank you to the street department.

Shame on

The bill to require background checks for gun purchases failed in the Senate. Polls show that 90 percent of the American people support background checks and even 80 percent of gun owners favor this legislation. Yet 42 Republican and 4 Democratic senators opposed the bill. These senators were elected to represent the will of the people. However, this vote shows they represent the NRA, and not the will of the majority. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Coal region hospitality

Just a thought, perhaps our local fraternal organizations and our churches could host a weekend at Knoebels Grove for the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook massacre and the tragedy in Boston. We all share their grief. Let's invite them to coal region hospitality.

Not in Shamokin

The newspaper seems to have a propensity for identifying the AOAA as being "Shamokin." I would like to point out that the facility in its entirety is in Coal Township or Mount Carmel Township or Zerbe Township. None of it is in the city of Shamokin. Frog's Take: Shamokin is used as a dateline because that is where the authority meets. Coverage from events which take place within the actual park will reflect the various townships the AOAA covers. Rise above

"42" is a wonderful film about Jackie Robinson's difficult journey to break the racial barrier. He had to rise above horrible insults while behaving with dignity. Sixty-six years later, our president must do the same. Thankfully, most Americans have evolved and we are waiting for the rest.

Long before

Obama has cut the budget for domestic bombing prevention by 45 percent long before the Democrats came up with sequestration.

Missing inserts

Here we go again. Almost every Sunday, something is missing from the Sunday News-Item. This Sunday, it was coupons. Other Sundays, the TV sections. Then Parade and other inserts. This needs to be addressed.

One day

It was great to have the greeters back yesterday, but it only lasted one day. It was so great getting those carts.

Silent spring

No oppressed group has ever gained equality by remaining silent.