I get it - Vinny and Bridy aren't worth what they're paid - but to cut all salaries regardless of hours worked is shameless. I notice that salaries for commissioners won't be affected until 2016. How convenient!

Struck down

I'm glad "Morally bankrupt" is "appalled" that those two beautiful women are in a loving relationship "devoid of marital unity." I can only assume that means he agrees Pennsylvania's current discriminatory laws withholding legal recognition of such marriages should be struck down, allowing the happy family to live equally, with the same marital unity as he and I.

Out of control

Northumberland County obviously has commissioners who are out of control. It's unbelievable to cut the salaries of our elected row officers by almost half and bamboozling that only the controller's salary would be spared. How can you expect to have competent people in a job if you don't pay them a fair, family-sustaining wage for the professional services they provide? It's ironic the commissioners' salary cuts wouldn't take effect until after the next election - they must realize voters aren't going to re-elect them!

Ejection seat

I am calling about Dr. Kraynak. I think he should be ejected from the board. After all, he is supposed to be setting examples for the students. Maybe that is why there are so many kids in this area following his example. My opinion is get rid of him before he causes more trouble and quit wasting taxpayers' money.

Kibbles and bits

Here is an interesting tidbit on the county's wage cuts: If you notice the commissioners' pay cuts don't take effect until 2016. Well, everybody knows that Vinny isn't running again and here is another fact, neither is Bridy.

Hope you're happy

Congratulations, Commissioner Clausi and Commissioner Bridy. You have managed to turn Northumberland County into a dictatorship. Hope you are happy.


You, Commissioner Bridy, are a huge disappointment. Funny how your attitude changed right after being elected. Ridiculous!

Bone up

Now I see The News-Item is promoting gay marriage, which, as of the article on Labor Day, is still illegal in Pennsylvania. Romans chapter one, verses 18 to 32, is quite clear of what God thinks of homosexuals and their demise. God loves a sinner, but hates their sin.

Their people

I am sure as soon as Vinny and Bridy's people get into those positions at the county, those salaries will be raised back up.