Career loafers

This is Charles Shuey calling to respond to the caller who said I owe seniors an apology. The reference I made to lazy louts referred not to senior citizens but the career loafers who would rather be on the dole than work, but you already knew that. I am not about to continue a debate with sniveling coward who will not identify himself. Write a letter and put your name to it.

Party time

With Glenn Beck, Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin under the same roof, it must have been an interesting NRA convention.


To the caller who criticized Rita Campbell's comments: You are certainly entitled to your disbelief, but to refer to religion as illusion is to disrespect the beliefs of others. If you want to be respected yourself, then be sure to confer that same respect in others that are different than you. Don't put too much faith in reason and science.


If you are running for political office, you are under the microscope from Day 1. If you do something wrong before you are elected, what happens after?

Time to sell

That teen that was hurt on the motorcycle in Diamondtown, that end of town is like a race track. I was driving in that area going to my mother's and all most hit him more than once. He didn't stop at all or slow down. To his parents: Sell that motorcycle!

Another accident

I would just like to know how many people have to get killed on Route 61 by the Wayside Inn before PennDOT puts a traffic light up at that intersection. Another accident today. Every week there is someone getting hurt.

To a head

Well, it looks like that Benghazi thing is coming to a head now. We are finding out that our administration doesn't protect anyone. And Hillary Clinton wants to run for president? What a joke! She let four people die over there.

Overseas aid

Remember, it was the Republican Congress that cut the aid for the embassies overseas.

Proud and boastful

The Bible says, "to man is given 70 years." If that is a fairy tale, then I am Walt Disney. It took science several hundred years to increase life expectancy a few more years, but science can't explain creation or eternity. Rita Campbell can. The proud and boastful are lost and will never understand.

Cold shoulder

For the moron who condones dropping off unwanted pets, I would like to take him to outer Siberia and drop him off with no food, shelter, water and no clothes. Let him chill.

By the roadside

Please, people, before you just take a dog or cat and leave it on the side of the road, please check with your SPCA and check with your vet if the cat or dog is sick. It would be kinder to get the cat or dog euthanized than to drop it off.

Elephant man

This is for the person who would drop off newborn puppies on the side of the road. You are an animal.