Loud and clear

The Republicans are fast learning their lessons. Grover Norquist is becoming inconsequential. The Republican House is designing an immigration policy and there is a move to take women's personal reproduction issues off the official platform. They have gotten America's message.

Stop it

I'm beginning to think that Sen. McCain and Sen. Graham are paranoid. I think they should let up on Rice and stop this nonsense.

Blame game

I'd like to know when Mr. Clausi is going to stop blaming the previous administrations. If my memory serves me correctly, he is now going on his sixth year in office, which is his second term. The county now has to borrow $12 million to pay for the 911 upgrades and he was well aware of that when he got into office six years ago. Vinny, I think it's time you stop pointing your finger at the previous administration and start looking at yourself.

Wipe out

Hey, Frog. The caller that called in about getting rid of all the football coaches at Shamokin was dead-on. There is only one coach worthy of staying - the defensive coach. Wipe everyone else out and start over.

For the birds

Frog, the economy can't be that bad if shoppers spent $59 billion over Thanksgiving weekend. Also, the Eagles last won a football game on Sept. 30; the Phillies won a baseball game on Oct. 2. Wow.

Rice or wrong

Secretary Rice, under the Bush administration, even said that they knew that bin Laden was going to attack the United States and Bush did not do anything. Put that in the paper.

Potty time

Some of us fitness enthusiasts still walk in the cold and brave the weather to stay in shape. A lot of us walk at the track at the RAMP field in Kulpmont and we're wondering why the portable potty system was taken out. When people are walking or running when it's cold, they'd like a public restroom. Please get that portable potty system back.

Pot not so hot

I'm commenting on the man who said pot is less harmful than alcohol. Not so. One joint stays in your body 28 days, alcohol starts leaving your body immediately. It is addictive. I know people who can't go on without having a joint or two every day. It also causes a hangover. It doesn't give you a headache or make you vomit, but it causes other kinds of hangovers and makes you violent. I've seen men hit women and women hit men.

Foul practice

I got a chuckle out of Geisinger sending letters to people telling them they are obese. The spokesman on TV needs to lose about 50 pounds himself. He has a chin that looks like a Thanksgiving turkey. Also, most of the nurses over there need to lose anywhere from 50 to 150 pounds. They ought to practice what they preach.

Under pressure

I'm surprised to hear of the water pressure problems on Seventh Street in Mount Carmel. I live on South Market, which would be passed there, and I have no problems, never have. Hope they get it fixed for them.

Skinny soon

I see Geisinger is worried about people being overweight. Since Geisinger is taking over all the local hospitals and sending out their outrageous bills, soon people will be not only be very skinny, but very cold because they will have no money for food.