Spending addiction

Cause: Smell of additional revenue. Affected: Most politicians, excepting Vinny. Is it asking too much of them to consider some saving/spending cuts to provide some tax reductions to the working taxpayers?

Possible solution

They have a big problem in Shamokin with people letting their trash build up. In Lewisburg, the college students did that, and the law in Lewisburg now is that landlords of rental properties are responsible for paying for trash being taken away. That might be a solution.

Statewide stuff

I don't what Mr. Shuey is doing complaining about nepotism out at Shamokin Area High School. It goes on in every school district in Pennsylvania. He should be more concerned about people losing their jobs out there and doing something about it so they can save them.

Third Sunday

This is the third Sunday in a row that there are no coupons in my paper. Is anybody looking into this? Frog's Take: Have you called our circulation department? Dial 644-6397 and follow the prompts.

Different drummer

I can't believe Mount Carmel Borough Council accepted the resignation of the police chief at a meeting and turned around and hired him at the same meeting for a job that should have been advertised. He is already collecting a police pension and doesn't even live in Mount Carmel. Am I listening to a different drummer?

A whiner?

This is to the guy who says the Facebook IPO shows you how stingy the rich are. It looks to me like you could have bought all the shares you wanted at $38. Did you buy and/or are you just a whiner?

Half a chance

If you think burning garbage is the only problem in Tharptown, we have a neighbor in Tharptown who runs a halfway house. Did you know that? Which would you rather? The garbage or the halfway house?

Back to reality

The fact that administrators asked for and got a two-year contract extension which includes their three percent salary increases tells you what a conniving bunch they are. They are interested only in themselves and not how finances will affect students. I am glad the state has stepped in. I hope they bring them back to reality.

Dregs of society

The Democratic Party appeals to and reaches out to the dregs of society in their quest to destroy America and the principles it was founded on and is molding America into a pagan nation with no morals.

Be thankful

Our ancestors came here penniless and worked in the mines and mills, and they were happier than if they had stayed in Europe. They didn't hate the rich because they knew the rich gave them jobs. Caller, you are an immature crybaby because you can't buy stock. Be thankful for what you have.

Our land

Line Mountain School District school directors purchased land in Dalmatia right beside the elementary school because they were going to put an addition on. They overpaid for the property and now they are not doing anything with it. The school directors are a joke.

Just ask

I love how people call Sound Off and complain about people on disability. Well, they won't ask me directly, so I will tell you. I took my friend who is disabled to the baseball game and then I treated him to a beer. You could have asked. You would have heard it to your face. You would have also found out that he had to have multiple bypass surgeries and the doctors said he can't go back to work until he is fully back to health, which, at 55 years old, is going to be a few years.

Wasn't worth it

I just read in the paper that in Mount Carmel Area School District boys soccer was saved by getting enough students. What happened to the girls? Both teams got enough students and players to save it. Enough for several teams for both. Yet, because it was the girls, did the board decide it wasn't worth it?

Disco inferno

Wow, First Donna Summer and now Robin Gibbs. That is what disco does to you.

Smart alecks

If the people attending the board meeting at the school would pay more attention to what is going on instead of making smart remarks to other people about their pay, maybe things would get straightened out in the Shamokin Area School District. No wonder it is in such a mess, and it will stay in a mess until the board members start concentrating on the meetings instead of making smart remarks.